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How to Be the Best Leader You Can Be



The truth is we are all leaders; you don’t have to be born a leader to shine. Some people gravitate to others who naturally shine but being a leader can be learned. whether you want to own your own company and lead employees or be the rock-solid foundation for your family, these leadership qualities can make a difference.

Lead by Example

Leaders are in charge, and many eyes are often on them. When a leader practices what they preach they are more authentic in their experience. They lead by example and do what they say they will do. The best leaders know who they are and lead by integrity. They have self-love and respect and this emanates off of them. They lead powerful teams by being there fully and present for others.

Lift Others Up

When you are a leader of an organization, your own household, or even your own life your role is to be there for others and lift them up. Choose positive thoughts and be present for others fully. Listen to them when they have concerns, allow them to feel heard.

Take Care of Yourself

The best leaders lead by example and they put themselves first. You cannot lead others if your health, mental wellbeing, or physical body is suffering. Make sure you take care of yourself first and foremost before you try to be there for others. This includes eating a well-balanced diet, drinking lots of water, and brushing your teeth as well as flossing daily.


People who smile are more approachable and happy than people who do not. If you really want to shine and lead a dynamic team smile more. Some leaders don’t like to smile because they are embarrassed by their teeth or chronic bad breath. You don’t have to have health issues that affect your ability to naturally shone. Visit your dentist and they can help. Some leaders go as far as paying attention to all details of their health such as the quality of their smile. Many leaders have cosmetic dentistry or teeth whitening procedures done. This is especially good if you are a public speaker or in front of crowds often. If you are a  leader and want to improve the quality of your smile your dentist can and will help.