Foods That Will Boost Your Metabolism


Rather than telling you what foods you should be avoiding when trying to lose weight, this is a list of foods that you should be looking to incorporate into your diet, or increase if they are already a part of your diet. Foods that are unrefined and left whole are the keys to this eating strategy, because your body has to work harder to digest these foods and so you can burn calories just by making the right food choices.

While fish as a rule is a good low-fat protein to eat, salmon in particular, due to its Omega-3 content, is the best choice to make. Salmon, along with other kinds of fatty fish aid your body in building muscle which in turn burns calories. It is thought that omega-3 helps to reduce cortisol levels. So try to eat two portions of fatty fish a week, weighing about 3 oz each.

Foods that are calcium rich, such as yoghurt are wonderful for weight loss. If your body gets too little calcium it will store calories and turn them into fat. Yoghurt has almost double the calcium that milk has, and it contains probiotics. So eat at least two portions of yoghurt a day.

Avocado is not only delicious, it is high in the kinds of fatty acids that your body needs, not to mention the monosaturated fats and the anti-oxidants thrown in for good measure. Avocados are not always available but make sure to eat one or two portions of a food that is high in fats that the body loves.

Beans are high in fibre and starch which means that your body has to work harder to break them down. With one serving of beans or similar food that is high in resistant starch you can increase the calories you burn.


Chillies, or rather the capsicin in chillies, speeds up your body’s metabolism. So don’t be shy, spice up your food whenever you can. The trick here is to use fresh chillies whenever possible, but not so much that you suffer from the heat.

Green tea is high in caffeine and catechins, a kind of anti-oxidant that together stimulate the body’s nervous system and speeds up the burning of fat. So drinking a cup or two of green tea each day can help you to lose weight.

Caffeine won’t just wake you up; it will wake up your metabolism too. This means that one to two cups of coffee a day can help with weight loss, especially if consumed before you exercise.

What is really wonderful about these foods is that they are something that you can enjoy, not only guilt free but also with pleasure because you know that they are actually really good for you. So eating well will actually make you feel well, and how can you say no to that kind of sensible logic? So change your diet and start to really enjoy your food!

Frisio is health and fitness italian senior writer that elaborate his dieta dimagrante weight loss plan


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