Breast Enhancement Supplements - What You Need to Know

Breast Enhancement Supplements – What You Need to Know

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Breast Enhancement Supplements - What You Need to KnowBreast enhancement supplements usually come in the form of pills or tablets that promise breast enlargement by as much as two (or even three!) cup sizes within three months. That’s augmentation by a couple of inches!

This makes a truly attractive come-on for those with naturally small breasts or those that have lost their once buxom form due to rapid weight loss.

These breast enhancement supplements are advertised as being “natural” or “herbal” but are they?
These supplements contain phyto-oestrogens, a name that tells us that it comes from plants (phyto). Its makers say that phyto-oestrogen will work on the oestrogen receptors in your breasts, basically making them act as if you were pregnant, thereby causing enlargement.

So just your body produces more estrogen, the female hormone, when you’re pregnant so will breast enhancement supplements stimulate estrogen production.

However, its makers claim that augmentation is produced sans milk – and also that, unlike during pregnancy, the increased breast size is mostly permanent.

How safe are they?

When you check the manufacturers’ websites you will notice that they say a supplement is safe because it’s herbal or natural. But something that is herbal simply means that it comes from any part of any plant.

Depending on which part it was extracted from, a plant substance or chemical may have varying strengths and cause a wide range of effects. This includes anything from an allergic to a poisonous reaction.

Never think that just because something is natural it will be safe for you to use.

Many of the drugs we use today were first derived from plants. Where they come from is only one factor that causes an effect or reaction in the human body. Other factors include what chemicals the plant contains and how a manufacturer formulates it.

What’s in them?

Breast enhancement supplements are said to contain a host of plant extracts, roots, seeds, and fruits. Some examples of plants named are Ginseng Root (several varieties), Wild Yam Extract, Guarana Seed, and Cayenne Fruit.

The plants occur in these supplements in any variety of combinations, each touted to be better or improved and all promising to enhance your breast size.

The problem is that, although many of these plants have been researched separately, the combinations that occur in breast enhancement supplements are, so far, not found in published clinical or scientific studies.

This means that how they interact and affect humans is still virtually unknown and should concern whoever plans to take them.

What research has been done?

In 2003, a study was published on the effects of breast enhancement supplements. It was carried out by the George Washington University School of Medicine’s Health Care Sciences Department.

The findings: a number of herbs found in certain supplements DO work on female hormones. However, their use can’t be recommended since the study was inconclusive as far as safety goes – nor was it proven that the herbs actually enlarge breasts.

This is a guest post by Linda who is the author behind Breast Beauty Guide.