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Electronic Cigarette Supplies: Where Do I Put it All?



So you started vaping a few months back and now you have all of your toys.  You have automatic and manual batteries in different colors, with different LED color combinations. You have pre-filled cartomizers and empty cartos and clearomizers just waiting for juice. On top of that, you have all this juice!

Did you forget the chargers? USB pass-throughs? Extra drip tips? It might start with one little starter kit, but by the time you’ve vaped for a while, you have a whole lot of stuff. As your electronic cigarette parts and pieces start to overflow out of that drawer you were keeping them in or take over the entire cabinet, you realize that if your e-cig supplies are displacing your food and clothing, it might be time to find a better storage solution.

Where to find great storage boxes for e-cig supplies

A lot of how you store your e-cig supplies is going to depend on your preferences. Do you want your storage to be utilitarian, or are you looking for something that’s decorative in its own right? Beyond, that, you’ll want to consider how much storage you’ll need for the long term. Don’t short yourself here. Chances are your collection will just keep growing.

If you are committed to keeping your e-cig supply collection small, you may be able to get by with wooden jewelry or cigar box. Cigar boxes won’t work for everyone, though. If you prefer to keep your bottles of e-liquid stored upright, for example, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a cigar box that will accommodate you. A tall jewelry box, on the other hand, should serve well.

For most though, that electronic cigarette supply will just keep growing, and it may be best to prepare ahead of time by purchasing something larger. The most popular and useful solution you’ll hear about within the vaping community is probably the tackle box.

Whether you go with a traditional type of tackle box intended for fishing or a crafting tackle box, the underlying design will be the same, and it’s the design you are looking for. You need easy-to-access, relatively small compartments suitable for separating your sample-sized e-juice bottles from your regular supply, keeping your blank cartomizers and clearomizers separate from ones you have already filled, and holding on to those spent cartos you know you’ll never use again but can’t seem to part with (come on, you know you have some of these).

If a simple and easy-to-find solution is what you are looking for, the tackle box route is probably your best bet. Of course, if you are a builder or crafter yourself, you can always go the DIY route and create your own electronic cigarette storage container with wood, a shoebox, or whatever other creative materials you can think of.

Compartments, compartments, compartments

Compartments are the key to effectively storing your electronic cigarette supplies. That’s why tackle boxes and jewelry boxes are such good solutions, and it’s also why that drawer you set aside was probably never going to work, to begin with.