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Contact Lenses or Glasses – What is Your Preference?



I’ve worn glasses since I was seven. It started with a really bad squint and I can still remember struggling at school because I saw everything in double, which overlapped each other.

As I look back now and remember trying desperately what was written on the blackboard I can only be thankful for the many surgeries and my glasses that have ensured I can see as clearly as the person next to me with twenty-twenty vision.


I chose glasses over contacts to start because with each surgery they promised I wouldn’t need glasses every again. But my eyes weakened and I couldn’t work which forced me to pop on my specs to complete the day.

They figured out that not only do I have a lazy eye, in that it really doesn’t want to work very hard, but that I am also far-sighted. The two combined got me back wearing my glasses full time.

While there is a great selection of glasses available, there are times when you wish you didn’t have them. Especially on a beautiful sunny day when you want to wear trendy sunglasses everyone else is enjoying or during a 3D film when you struggle to fit the 3D glasses over your normal everyday glasses.


To be fair many years ago I tried contacts and did I struggle. Once I got used to them I never wore my specs, but suffered from dry eyes which often left me unable to see anything. Really not an ideal situation, so I went back to my trusted glasses.

Thankfully today contacts are made to withstand all-day wear. The Focus dailies were a godsend and I could wear contacts, wear my favorite sunglasses, and watch 3D movies without any problems.

It goes to show that with a few years between me trying contact lenses for the very first time and the ones available on the market today, they have improved in leaps and bounds. Luckily they are now designed to be worn in comfort throughout the day, I don’t even have to grab for the saline solution to try and see the other side of the road because they’ve dried up.

I still give my eyes a break when I’m in the comfort of my own home and I take my Focus Dailies out and put my glasses back on. My confidence has soared because I’m not stuck with glasses all day and I can wear sunglasses that are trendy and stay with the fashion demand.