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Five Smart Snacks to Keep at Your Desk



Working a full day can require you to keep your energy, and since you’ll probably be snacking throughout the day, it’s important to choose the right snacks to not only keep you full of energy but also keep you full. In order to have a more productive workday, you should have these five snacks at your desk.


Fruit, no matter what kind, is a great snack. Not only is most fruit rich in vitamin C, but it will also keep you full and provide you with a boost of energy. If you’re going to bring fruit to work, it’s best to choose something that you can easily pop into your mouths, such as grapes or blueberries, or choose something that you can cut up or bite into, such as a banana or an apple. Try to avoid fruits that are messy, such as mangos and oranges, unless you cut them up first.


Nuts are another great choice for the workplace because they’re small and they keep for a very long time. Plus, different nuts provide a variety of health benefits and even give you a boost of energy so you can continue to tackle the rest of your day. Most nuts will also help your body feel full, so you’ll be less likely to want to snack on something else shortly after eating your nuts.


Oatmeal is another great snack to keep on hand. You can either keep a large container in your desk or opt for the instant packets. Then, when you’re hungry, simply add some water, place it in the microwave, and you’ll be all set. Oatmeal is great because the oats will make you feel full. Plus, you can add in some berries or other pieces of fruit for additional flavor.


Crackers that are higher in fiber are a great choice to keep at your desk. High fiber crackers are not only very healthy for you, but will also help keep you full throughout the day. Plus, you can always eat crackers by themselves, or you can pair them with some peanut butter, hummus and cheese too.

Granola Bars

Granola bars offer plenty of health benefits. They’re rich in fiber, and if they contain fruit, can also have some vitamin C and other vitamins inside. Plus, granola bars can last for a very long time, making them perfect to sit at your desk. You can also easily make granola bars at home to make them extra healthy too and ensure that they have all the tasty ingredients that you love. If you are purchasing a ready-made granola bar, you can opt for regular bars, like Quaker, or you can opt for a higher fiber bar, like Fiber One.

Having snacks at your desk is a great way to combat those mid-morning or mid-afternoon cravings without dishing out money at the vending machine. You’ll want to keep healthy options at your desk that will not only last but will also provide you with a much-needed boost of energy to help you get through your day.