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How to Keep Your Eyes Relaxed



Eyes are one of the most delicate organs in the human body and also the most vital sensory one. Without vision, life would be bleak and isolated. Few realize it, but eyes are constantly working and providing us input all day long. Stressed and tired eyes are exceedingly common today, even among children.

This is due to the high pollution in the atmosphere and excessive exposure to appliances, such as computers, TVs, and mobile phones. Many people cannot escape staring at the computer for long hours, as it is their daily work, but others go on home and continue to watch TV till late in the night, leading to exhausted eyes.

Constantly stressed eyes can lead to bigger problems if left unchecked. High reading glasses, eye pressure, early onset of cataract are some of the effects of overuse and stress of eyes. A few easy practices can keep your eyes fresh and prevent them from premature aging. It is wise to remember that eyes connect to the body and have to be nourished from within, besides looked after externally. Simply put, diet also plays a significant role in keeping eyes healthy. Vitamin A is extremely beneficial for eyes.

This vitamin can be liberally found in all yellow and green leafy vegetables and fruits. Carrots, oranges, pumpkins, kale, spinach, and broccoli are some highly nutritious foods for the eyes. Nonvegetarians can include Salmon, tuna, and eggs to get similar benefits. A healthy diet will not only boost vision but will stave off macular degeneration [age related degeneration]. A balanced diet will also keep one healthy and prevent Diabetes, which leads to Blindness, Glaucoma, and Cataract.

Try to be more aware of the eyes, and prevent overuse while awake. Simple practices can make a world of difference to tired eyes. If a job keeps one glued to a computer screen, frequent breaks should be taken. Shift vision focus from near to long-distance frequently. If possible go to a window and look at trees or any other greenery. Blink more often. Try this classic exercise and feel its calming effects: take both your palms and cup them over the eyes, which should be kept shut. Hold the position for a few minutes. The effects of this are relaxing and also beneficial to the eyes. Do this whenever possible.

Remember what Grandma said about “reading while lying down?” Well, it is true. Get rid of all such habits, such as sitting too close to a TV, or reading in moving vehicles and the dark. A little effort will prolong your vision and keep the eyes safe. Do not compromise on eye health, by working in dark rooms. Switch on lights if needed, even during the daytime.

Those who have to travel should protect the eyes by wearing Sun Glasses. These are not only stylish but provide efficient protection from the Sun’s rays and pollution. Choose glasses that have built-in UV ray protection. Bikers especially must wear glasses to avoid any particles smashing into the eyes at high speeds.

Lungs are not the only ones affected by smoking, but it is a sure-shot way of getting eye irritation and early onset of cataracts. Avoid smoking and passive smoke as well, as both are terrible for the eyes. Sleep is extremely valuable, and it is the time when all body parts rejuvenate and repair. Adequate sleep will refresh fatigued eyes and help damaged tissues heal faster.

A few basic home remedies give instant results and help in relaxing eyes. Use Rosewater as an eye cleanser, it works best when slightly chilled. Alternately, warm water with a dash of salt is a perfect eye solution, especially if one feels like rubbing the eye. A cold compress also cools and releases eye stress.

There are some neat yoga exercises for eyes, which not only strengthen the eye muscles but also increase peripheral vision. Take expert advice before embarking on these.

Finally, regularly visit an Ophthalmologist to get eyes checked. See that reading glasses have the right number and always get eye pressure checked.