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Coffee & Cigerrettes. Sounds Like a Great Movie



And some people think it is, but it’s not too good for your health. Coffee is the accepted drug, and cigarettes are one of the most addicting things on this planet. Three cigarettes and you could be hooked (and don’t try to play the “I only smoke when I drink card”).

How to Quit These Things

Quitting is hard. The nicotine in cigarettes changes the way you think about things, and a couple of days without coffee and a java junkie can start to go through some major headaches. So what comes first… The quitting of the smoking or the quitting of the coffee?

Well since coffee isn’t as addicting as cigarettes, and since it definitely doesn’t have as bad of side effects to your health, you should really think about quitting smoking first.

Think about it for a second. Think about all the problems that smoking is causing you.

  • It’s keeping you out of shape.
  • It’s keeping you short of breath
  • It’s causing you to cough
  • It’s causing your teeth to turn yellow and your breath to smell bad
  • It’s causing major damage to your lungs
  • It’s increasing your chances of cancer
  • It’s taking away your sex drive
  • It’s costing you hundreds of dollars
  • It’s making your cars, your clothes, and your home smell
  • The list goes on.

Once you quit smoking cigarettes and let me tell you, it’s totally up to you and your will power at this point, you will start feeling like an all-new person (any doctor or nurse will tell you that). You will wake up earlier, you will feel more energetic, you will be more inclined to exercise, and you will all around just have a totally new feel about yourself – a new boost in confidence.

The next step is to quit coffee – or at least to start. Drinking coffee (especially if you drink it with a lot of sugar) can be one of the main reasons that you are gaining weight. If you replaced your coffee with water, you will also see an increase in energy and also see that you were starting to lose weight immediately.

Coffee is another thing that will make your teeth a little bit more yellow than it should be, which is just another reason among many that you should think about quitting.

The sooner you quit the better, and just remember – there is no such thing as “one last time,” just as is it on the TV show