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Are There Any Benefits of Tobacco Free Chew?



Are there any benefits of tobacco free chew?

With rising awareness of smoking and chewing tobacco’s harmful effects on the body, smokers and dippers everywhere have been searching for the perfect tobacco-free alternative to set them free from the bonds of their tobacco habit. We know that tobacco is harmful, and yet, there seem to be few choices available for those who enjoy the ritual and nicotine buzz but don’t want all of the chemicals from tobacco products.

Tobaccoless chew offers a new alternative to chewing tobacco and smoking. It looks, tastes, and feels like the real thing, so you won’t even notice a difference. High-quality options offer several flavors, and a guarantee to satisfy your itch.

What are the benefits of choosing tobacco-free chew over tobacco products?

Tobacco Farming and Toxicity

Reducing our overall tobacco consumption could help address two very pressing issues: the environmental impact of tobacco farming and using tobacco products and the very real public health crisis that has arisen from smoking-related illnesses. Smoking kills around 8 million people worldwide every year, and around 480,000 in the US alone.

Smoking-related complications cost billions per year in healthcare costs, special accommodations, and operations, and is putting a strain on our fragile healthcare system. It is estimated that by reducing tobacco use, healthcare costs could drop by billions per year.

The problem with attempting to reduce tobacco use is that tobacco companies have money all the right places; lobbying for less stringent restrictions on advertising and tobacco manufacturing and spending billions on ad campaigns to sow doubt in the public mind about the dangers of tobacco.

Unfortunately, the impacts of tobacco use go far beyond just affecting personal health and the healthcare system at large. Smoking creates millions of metric tons of litter every year, most of which will find its way into waterways and ecosystems, where it contaminates them. All of the nasty chemicals found in cigarettes are still attached to the butt, or filter, when it’s thrown out of a car window, a home, or flicked into a waterway.

Let’s not forget that tobacco farming produces high levels of toxic waste, requires deforestation to make room for larger farms, and utilizes chemical pesticides and fertilizers. These chemicals not only end up in the final product, but they also end up in the environment around the tobacco farm; contaminating entire ecosystems.

The curing process uses a ton of energy as well, contributing to the larger problem of greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption. Overall, the tobacco industry itself is a destructive entity not only to human life but also to the health of ecosystems all over the planet.

Dangers of Smoking or Chewing Tobacco

It’s no secret that smoking can kill you. Horrible health complications like lung cancer, heart disease, and more can be directly linked to smoking. Gum disease, tooth loss, mouth and throat cancer, and more have been linked to chewing tobacco. The bottom line? Using tobacco wreaks havoc on your body, and eventually catches up to you.

While the dangers of using these products are well-known, big tobacco still wants you to think that smoking or chewing grants you a special place in society. Rebranding its public image is part of a new campaign by the tobacco industry to paint itself as a positive influence on society as a whole.

With new products like vape pens and e-cigs and “new tobacco”, the tobacco industry is hoping to convince an entirely new generation of smokers that their habit isn’t all that bad.

Tobacco-Free Chew

Tobacco free chew is the first good alternative to tobacco we’ve seen so far, aside from CBD oils and quitting altogether. With no tobacco leaves, you won’t have to worry about toxic chemicals from pesticides and fertilizer finding their way into your body. You’ll also remove your financial support from the tobacco industry, which is great for both your personal finances and society at large.

Look, Taste, and Feel of Tradition

The tradition of chewing tobacco goes back centuries, and many people love the taste, feel, and traditional value of dipping. That’s why tobaccoless dip is made to respect the look, taste, and feel of traditional chewing tobacco. Made from only the finest ingredients, you won’t be disappointed.

In fact, some life-long chewing tobacco enthusiasts have trouble telling the difference between tobaccoless and tobacco chew; it’s that good. Give it a try today and ditch your tobacco habit for good!

The Bottom Line

Tobacco-free chew can offer a viable alternative to a product that’s both costly and destructive. The tobacco industry is wreaking havoc on the planet and public health, and it’s high time we leave behind tobacco once and for all without leaving behind the tradition. That’s where tobacco-free chew comes in! It’s time to leave big tobacco in the dust and move forward toward a healthier future.