How to Kick-Start Your Libido

How to Kick-Start Your Libido

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How to Kick-Start Your LibidoWhether you are trying to increase the romance in a relationship or are trying to overcome erectile dysfunction naturally, there are quite a few things you can do. According to experts, raw foods may be the key to improving fertility and sex drive.


There are many foods that can be utilized in increasing your libido. One such food is almonds. Almonds contain the fatty acids that produce testosterone in men which will increase their desire for sex.

Avocados contain a lot of folic acid to provide energy as well as the vitamins that increase hormone production. In fact, the Aztecs referred to avocado trees as “testicle trees” because of its benefits. Bananas have much of these same acids and vitamins with the addition of potassium.

While research still needs to be performed, there is evidence that celery actually produces pheromones in men that will attract females. Celery has never been thought of as an aphrodisiac, but it seems that it has the vitamins to even replace strawberries and cream.

Pumpkin seeds are surprisingly high in zinc. Zinc significantly boosts healthy testosterone production and increase fertility in men. For women who want to boost their libido and fertility in this manner, asparagus is the miracle food.

Roots and Herbs

For men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, basil can help. One of the benefits of this herb is that it increases circulation in the entire body. This means that more blood will be flowing to the penis on a regular basis. Garlic also increases the circulation of the blood in the body and helps with heart health as an added bonus. Finally, cardamom is another herb that performs similar functions on the body for men with erectile dysfunction.

While it is not well known, maca is a root vegetable from Peru that has been called a natural Viagra. It is full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that increase energy levels. In men, it helps with erectile dysfunction and increases sperm count. In women, it can increase their sex drive and promote greater fertility.

How to Use Them?

To get the most out of these foods, roots, and herbs, incorporate them into your daily diet. Have the foods on hand at all times so you can reach for them when you need a snack. Make fresh guacamole or mix mashed avocado in with salsa.

In order to get the benefits from the herbs and roots, you may need to start cooking a little more than usual. Try to buy them fresh and experiment in the kitchen. You could even make it a romantic date night with your partner to spur your libido even further.

Weight Loss

Another proven way to kick start your libido is to lose weight. For many people, their lack of libido has to do with inability to feel sexy. When they start feeling more comfortable in their own skin, they are more likely to initiate and enjoy sex. Also, exercising has been proven to increase the production of hormones and increase fertility levels in both men and women.