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Men and Hair Removal: Gain Victory over That Annoying Second Sweater



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Over the past few decades, the image of the masculine male has shifted from the hairy Burt Reynolds to the sleek, hairless Channing Tatum. Men have embraced the practice of body hair removal because they appreciate the smooth, freeing, and confident feel of a hairless, bare chest. And for the male athlete, smooth skin moves faster through air and water — and enhances muscular definition.

There are a few different methods of hair removal, ranging from lotions to light rays. Each has its own pros and cons, especially when it comes to the depth of the hair removal.


Shaving is all-too-familiar territory for men. However, most male razors are designed for the shape of your face. If you’re moving on to other body areas, you might want to invest in a more versatile body razor such as the Norelco Body Groom Razor Trimmer. With shaving, keep in mind that you will need to shave often to keep hair short.


Hair dissolving lotions, called “depilatories,” are an easy-to-use option. Nair has a male product line that includes body cream, spray, and in-shower gel. Simply apply to the body, wait for the chemicals to dissolve your hair, and then rinse your hair away. Results typically last longer than shaving. However, since these products contain harsh ingredients, test a small area of your skin before applying to a large area.


If you want to tackle your hair below skin level, waxing is a popular option. The method itself can prove your level of manliness, as the process is intense. You will apply a thick, sticky wax to your skin and then press a cloth material upon the wax. The wax will both soak into the cloth and grip your hair firmly. Grab an edge of the cloth and quickly peel back the material in the opposite direction of your hair growth. Results will typically last between four to six weeks.


If you are looking for a close-to-permanent hair removal system, the Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) system is an effective professional method, performed either in an office or at home. The system converts light energy into heat energy and safely penetrates through the skin, down to the hair’s shaft. Unlike waxing, which pulls out the hair but leaves the hair shaft intact, the IPL system destroys the entire hair shaft, including the hair-producing papilla. Results from at-home IPL treatments typically last up to six months. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, as long as the user follows operational instructions carefully, the method is safe and effective.

As Gillette aptly points out, “A sweater should be bought, not grown.” Fortunately, there are plenty of easy hair removal methods to get rid of that annoying second sweater.