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Discussing How CBD Salve Can Add To Your Lifestyle



Discussing how cbd salve can add to your lifestyle

The craze taking on the world by storm, known as CBD, has become a medical phenomenon, one that if you have not at least tried a product infused with CBD, then you are surely missing out.

I have played football my whole life, from school till I graduated, before and after having children, and on the odd occasion now with my kids, I may not be as fit and as flexible as I used to be but the love and passion for the sport have never faded.

The one thing I have noticed after a session at the park, the heat of the day tiring us out more than normal, is the mere fact that I ache. You laugh but when you get to a certain age as I am ( 40 yikes) things are not as supple or move as freely as you would like them to, the head is sprinting but the legs are half jogging half walking, it’s a tough old road.

Please tell me I am not wondering this path on a solo journey, that there are others out there reading this and rubbing their necks and backs while nodding their head in agreement.

I have found an interesting article though which makes for a great read to see we are all in this together whether we like it or not. So chin up my friend, it’s going to happen no matter what, so let’s do it well.

What I have been using as my miracle muscle saver is a small tub that I hide away so no husband hands can take advantage, and it’s called CBD salve. The mere word makes me smile because I have had the positive experience of having it massaged into my muscles with almost immediate relief, the pain dissolving like an afterthought.

Still not sure about it, then let’s open your mind to a world you will wish you had delved into 10-years ago and that is sure to change your life for the future.

Understanding CBD products.

First, we need to be aware that CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is an extract from the hemp plant and flower and although it is part of the marijuana family, a distant cousin we prefer not to invite around, it does not contain the hallucinogenic component THC.

And secondly, when purchasing CBD products may it be creams, edibles, or oils always check the label to see the concentration of THC in the item, anything above 0.3% is considered not to be full-spectrum or ‘pure’ CBD and the chances of the side-effects are increased.

If this sounds interesting to you but you are hesitant and not sure where to begin, check out Cheefbotanicals for advice and guidance on the various options available and which would be best suited to you concerning dosage and administration.

For me, as mentioned before, CBD in salve form is a topical cream (applied on the surface of the skin) which I use to deeply penetrate my ‘stiff as a stick’ joints and muscles. The kids get ice cream and I get 10-minutes per set of little hands, win-win.

I don’t know how I ever lived without it, but I don’t want to find out. I have fewer aches and pains, I have no cramps or muscle spasms, and I feel less stressed.

There are conclusive results and success stories of reduction in anxiety when using CBD, as the signals in the neuro system are regulated, the way we perceive and handle stressful situations is calmer.

Perks of using CBD

There is a list of positives when it comes to talking about CBD, make a cup of tea and see more about them in this link, but essentially it comes down to the ethically processing and manufacturing of the items that set them above the rest.

Treating sleep disorders to increased brain function and health, CBD changes people’s lives. Older folk say they have a new zest on life, no longer waking up in agony or joints being inflamed and they can look forward to living a better quality of life, and isn’t that the essence of our purpose on this planet? Live your best life, you deserve it.

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