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5 Ways to Improve Your Respiratory Health During the Pandemic



Most countries are gradually lifting the lockdown orders and adjusting to the new normal. While the research for an effective vaccine for COVID-19 is ongoing, keeping your lungs healthy can help reduce your chances of contracting the virus.

The state of a patient’s respiratory system can influence how s/he will handle it. Once an individual is infected, the virus will move from the mucus membrane to the lungs.

The good thing is that boosting one’s respiratory health isn’t complicated or expensive. It starts by adopting a healthy lifestyle and following these suggestions.

  • Quit smoking

Inhaling smoke poses serious health issues to the lungs and lower one’s immunity. Such individuals may be unable to fight common infections. This can lead to irritation or even irreversible damage if care isn’t taken.

Smoking is one of the leading causes of cancer and smoking addiction is a serious health hazard. Many devices being sold in the marketplace to inhale nicotine, cannabis, and a wide variety of pharmaceuticals are still not as safe as a consumer is led to believe. Devices such as certain vapes, e-cigarettes, IQOS, and others, must be thoroughly scrutinized.

  • Exercise regularly

People find it easy to be complacent during this period since a significant percentage of the world’s population is home. But getting outside to exercise even if just for a short walk is better than nothing. Exercising helps to boost our emotional, physical, and mental health.

Many people can enjoy home exercises such as yoga, aerobics, and stretching. Breathing exercises are an effective way to strengthen your lungs. Taking these steps will improve your body’s ability to oxygenate your blood.

  • Diet

Individuals with underlying medical conditions tend to have complicated cases of COVID-19. Eating right will go a long way now and beyond.

Try to consume more fruits and vegetables which are loaded with natural antioxidants. Your meals must contain omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D too. This can help to reduce inflammation that is associated with the virus.

  • Reduce allergen exposure

Indoor dust is a culprit when it comes to allergies. It’s ideal to clean your home and install an air filter to minimize allergies. If you notice that your AC unit is due for maintenance or repair, don’t hesitate to get it fixed.

As you take the other steps, endeavor to wash your hands frequently.

  • Minimize mucus buildup

Mucus plays a crucial role in the respiratory tract. It helps to trap foreign bodies like microorganisms and allergens. However, it must not be too little or too much. This is because excess mucus will only irritate your nasal passage and bacteria or virus can thrive there.

Some of the ways to ease the flow of mucus include eating spicy foods and opting for a saline nasal spray. Taking a hot shower can also provide instant relief. In case you’re asthmatic, always keep your inhaler handy.

Although taking care of your lungs doesn’t guarantee that you are protected from COVID-19, it will make the case less severe if you are exposed to it.

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