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The Reasons Why You Should Choose CBD Oil Over Hemp Oil



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You may have heard about all the research and potential benefits of CBD oil. From the research on reducing seizures to its possible heart and skin benefits, CBD oil is getting a lot more attention from doctors, veterinarians, and international research teams.

But when you go to the grocery store, you may see a completely different product on the shelf: hemp oil. Is hemp oil better than CBD oil? More importantly, why is CBD oil mismatched when placed with hemp oil? Here are the reasons why you should always choose CBD oil over hemp oil.

CBD Contains a Full Spectrum of Potentially Beneficial Compounds

CBD oil comes from specially-grown hemp plans, which can legally be farmed in the United States. A specially-engineered plant from the cannabis sativa family, these plants are grown for their strong fibers, industrial uses, and cultivation of cannabinoids.

Once the plants are harvested, they go to specially-built laboratories, where the entire plant is processed: stalk, leaves, and flowers. Using several processes, the golden-colored CBD oil is extracted from the plant, containing many compounds researched for their beneficial properties.

Also, CBD oil can also earn organic certifications from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. If a full spectrum oil is sourced from organically-grown crops, then it can legally bear the organic designation on its labeling. With this designation, you can be assured that you are getting the full spectrum of cannabinoids.

Hemp Oil is Often Crushed Hempseeds

While CBD oil is produced from the full hemp plant, hemp oil has very little to do with the actual plant. Instead, this oil often comes from only one source: hempseeds.

Hempseeds, also known as hemp hearts, are nuts produced from hemp plants. Those who eat them describe them as having a mild flavor. These seeds can be crushed for its naturally-occurring oils. After leaving the press, these oils can be used for human consumption, but are often more associated with their use in cooking.

Some people prefer to use hemp oil because of the beneficial compounds found in the seeds. This oil often contains concentrations of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, along with proteins and amino acids. These compounds have been proven to aid in joint health, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and more.

However, hemp oil does not contain any CBD oil. You can still get the benefits of the oil if you take it straight, but it does not have any of the cannabidiol or other cannabinoids that only CBD oil can provide.

Is CBD Oil Better than Hemp Oil?

Although both have their benefits, CBD oil is the only extract that uses the full hemp plant and provides a high concentration of cannabidiol. Peer-reviewed studies suggest that only cannabidiol and other CBDs found in CBD oil offers valuable health benefits when taken orally or topically.

Before starting any regimen, be sure to talk to your doctor about your plans and goals, and make sure CBD oil doesn’t conflict with any of your current medications. When it comes down to choice, always pick CBD oil for the potential health benefits and keep the hemp oil in the kitchen.

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