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Reasons Why CBD Pet Products Are Great for Your Furry Buddy



Cbd oil for dogs

There are many reasons why it is good to have a pet.  Besides all the love in a little furry pack, science has proven that our four-legged friend can have a beneficial effect on our health and well-being. More details on this research, find on this link.

Our pets are members of our families. These lovely animals become an integral part of human lives. We want them to be with us for a long time, and to be healthy, happy, and content. It is up to us, their human parents, to provide them with the proper nutrition and care, and lots of love and attention. But also, we have to ensure the right medical treatment when our cats and dogs need it. These are the responsibilities of every responsible pet owner.

Like humans, our four-legged friends grow old, are prone to various ailments, and injuries. We can’t save them from everything, but we can afford them natural supplements in the form of CBD products. As a conventional treatment or preventative to a disease, cannabidiol has proven to be a very successful and potent substance.

It’s Perfectly Safe

First, let’s clarify the dilemma that most pet owners have when it comes to CBD. Although cannabis derivative, cannabidiol is an entirely safe, non-toxic substance. The CBD used in the making of oils and other products for animal use is obtained from a specific cannabis breed – hemp. Hemp plants contain the smallest percentage of intoxicants, such as THC.

During cannabidiol extraction and CBD oil production, manufacturers eliminate THC particles from this product. So we have to look for the organic, full-spectrum CBD oil for our pets. That way, we’ll provide our furry buddies with the best possible supplementation or therapy.

Why full-spectrum CBD oil is the safest option for animal consumption, see below:

CBD affects the animal’s nervous system but in a good way. This cannabinoid does not bind to receptors that activate ‘strange’ behaviors. In other words, CBD will not make our pups or cats high. Cannabidiol actually affects the release of the optimal dose of dopamine. This chemical has many beneficial effects on the animal’s health and behavior.

CBD Brings Relief

Cannabidiol has many properties that have a beneficial effect on human health, but also on animals. Generally, it affects all inflammations that occur in the body, whether acute or chronic. It does not directly treat the causes of diseases, but it reduces their effects on the body.

This hemp derivative actually reduces the amount of pain the animal feel. It has a mild sedative and analgesic effect. Conditions like arthritis, tumors of the internal organs, or any neurodegenerative disease can cause discomfort in our beloved pets. In the case of chronic or acute pain, hemp-based products will bring great relief to our four-legged friends.

Cannabidiol Keeps Your Pet Calm

Noise, thunders, car rides, and strange people – these are all certain types of stimulants that can be triggering and stressful for pets. Animals can be scared of many things, and the occurrence of anxiety and panic behavior is common in them. One of the biggest fears that pets have is the fear of abandonment – that is why every our coming-out can be traumatic for them.

Our pets cannot tell us their fears. Nor to point us to what bothers them. It is up to us to conclude it ourselves by their behavior. We have to try not to expose them to these negative stimuli. Yet, some things, such as a thunderstorm, fireworks, or traffic, cannot be eliminated.

CBD pet products are vet recommended as prevention of anxiety behavior. Cannabidiol has the power to ‘trigger’ endocannabinoids in the animal’s body. These substances further stimulate the secretion of serotonin and dopamine in the body, which has a calming effect. When we give our pet CBD preventively, it acts as a mood stabilizer.

There are currently a vast number of hemp-based products for dogs, cats, horses, and all other pets on the market. Undoubtedly, this offer will expand as these products become more and more popular. It is important that we explore all the options and find a quality CBD product for our four-legged friends.

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