Breaking the Stigma of Male Enhancement

Breaking the Stigma of Male Enhancement

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Breaking the Stigma of Male Enhancement For years, consumers have either shied away from or giggled at products that promise male enhancement. Typically, enhancement means to enlarge the length and girth of the penis. In some cases, the item may be a stimulant that increases blood flow to the area, adding both stamina and strength. The reputation these products have garnered over time is due partially to the unrealistic expectations people attach to them. Education is the way to remove the stigma. Now is the time to learn what the term really means.

Over-the-Counter Enhancements 

Many of what people deem “enhancement products” are sold over the counter or on the Internet. Supplements come in pill and cream formats, and contain various herbal concoctions. The man will feel a warming sensation due to an increase in blood flow. Erection occurs when the penis becomes engorged with blood. If you increase the flow to that area, there will be some effect. The supplement products are a short-term solution that must be used repeatedly to maintain the benefit. They may improve the male experience but don’t change the physical length or width of the penis. For some men, what they do is enough to enhance their confidence.

Men looking to add length to the organ can try extender products that promise to stretch the penis. It is blood flow at work with extender or clamping products, as well. These devices, from a basic ring to a traction device, clamp at the base of the organ. As an erection forms, the man manually stimulates the penis, increasing the blood flow. The clamp forces blood to the end of the organ, providing an “extension.” This is not additional growth, but a stretching. A penis pump works in the same fashion. The suction pulls blood to the end of the penis causing that area to plump up.

Medical Procedures for Male Enhancement

Medical science does offer some solutions for men with performance issues or size limitations. They range from drug therapy like Viagra to surgical options. Doctors can cut the ligament connecting the penis to bone. This does not actually add inches, but it allows more of the natural organ to appear outside of the body. Another technique uses an implant to widen the tip, adding girth. Surgery comes with significant risk of nerve damage, however. The patient may see improvement in size, but lose some sensation.

The way to obliterate the stigma is to understand that there are more important things to worry about. If a man gets some satisfaction out of the male enhancement products, then a little embarrassment at the counter is worth it.

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