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4 Benefits of CBD



Is cannabidiol a cure for anxiety, depression and alzheimer’s?

CBD oil has had a massive burst of attention in the media lately.  Celebrities are endorsing companies, new scientific studies seem to come through every week, and laws in the USA have changed dramatically in the last ten years.

Many have trouble separating the pop culture references about CBD oil, and the reality of what it can do for people.  It’s not going to leave you high, or a stoner. CBD is an invaluable medical tool that helps many people deal with the side effects and symptoms of their illnesses.

Here are four benefits of this miracle drug that will help you see how useful it is.


Roughly one in five adults in America has anxiety.  It’s getting worse, with nearly fifty percent of Americans showing increasing symptoms of anxiety over the last handful of years.  CBD oil can soothe and calm people’s minds, relaxing them down from the mania of an anxiety attack.

Although most studies get unfortunately performed on children and animals, CBD oil has shown time and time again that it can go to bat against anxiety.  This treatment isn’t a permanent fix, but using CBD can help you take the time to find what tools work best for you while you battle against anxiety.


In the same strain of fighting against anxiety, CBD dabs lessen the symptoms of depression.  Since it’s less harsh than many depression medications, and can quickly improve mood and outlook on life without side effects, many are turning to CBD oil for their depression.

It can also aid with depression symptoms like insomnia and loss of appetite faster than many medications by far.  Dealing with these symptoms in one go may free you to tackle the more extensive roots of your depression.


Inflammation is widespread, appearing as a side effect from lupus, menstruation, rheumatoid arthritis, and dozens of other illnesses.  CBD stimulates the endocannabinoid receptor, which has been found by dozens of studies to fight back against inflammation.

This aid allows for more mobility, which can also fight back against the inflammation that comes from many different illnesses.  It works faster than most other medications and has no adverse side effects when used for inflammation and swelling.


Everyone has a different pain tolerance level.  Some can hardly handle shots, while others seem to be able to deal with anything that comes their way.  For those more sensitive to pain, almost anything can take them out and make a living and working nearly impossible.

There aren’t many official studies on the effects of CBD oil on pain, but thousands and thousands of people attest to how it works for them.

People suffering from chronic pain like arthritis and back pain have found that using CBD has lessened their pain and other symptoms.

Although CBD isn’t a magical cure-all that will take care of any ailment, it is vital to maintaining chronic illnesses.  Working with a doctor and CBD can offer relief where none are known of before- and honestly, that’s the primary goal of any medication.

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