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Investing in the Health and Wellbeing Sector: is it Worth the Investment?



What does it mean to be high on life?

Investment is one of the smartest ways to make use of your money. So, is the health and wellbeing sector worth tapping in to? Find out more, here…

The health and wellbeing sector encompasses a myriad of entities; from physical structures to phone apps, to machines, to people, to commodities. The question is, does this make it one of the best investments the UK has to offer?

In this article, we’ll be diving into what the health and wellbeing sector is, what its growth looks like for 2020, and why it’s an important industry to focus on. Then, we’ll be providing you with some advice on setting up a hedge fund, in terms of which areas are ideal to focus on for 2020.

What’s more, we’ll be delving into which particular health and wellbeing businesses might be worth keeping an eye on. Who knows, you might just make the right moves to make your investment worthwhile.

What is the Health and Wellbeing Sector?

Health and wellbeing is a pretty broad term, to the say the least. With this in mind, here’s a brief rundown of what sort of industries and businesses fall into this category:

  • Fitness: gyms, fitness machines, personal trainers, and fitness apps are all part and parcel of this.
  • Mindfulness: phone apps for mental health, as well as the yoga and meditation industries, can be included in this.
  • Healthy eating: the world of nutrition, including nutritionists and calorie counting apps, as well as the food itself, are all involved here.
  • Mental health: this is a continually growing sector, and includes apps and psychiatrists, as well as medication and healthcare.
  • Self-love: this includes spas and massage parlors, as well as aging and beauty products, like face masks and the like. Due to the positive effects, spas can have on mental and physical wellbeing, it’s no surprise.
  • Workplace satisfaction: work/life balance has become an increasingly important element of keeping employees satisfied. This, alongside activity days, health and safety, diversity and equality, and facilities are all elements of the health and wellness sector.
  • Wellness tourism: this includes people taking time off to head to wellness retreats, where there is a focus on activities, nutritional food, and excursions.

The Growth of the Health and Wellbeing Sector

Over the recent decade, the health and wellbeing sector has rapidly grown. So much so that predictions for rises in the market indicate that the sector will rise about six percent every year, between 2019 and 2023. But why is this the case?

Why is There Continual Growth in This Sector?

Well, according to studies, chronic illnesses are growing at a rapid rate. This includes illnesses such as asthma, diabetes, stress, anxiety, and depression.

What’s more, rising rates of obesity have also led to an increase in illnesses, such as heart problems and cancer. These alarming increases have already had a positive impact on the wellbeing sector, and are predicted to keep doing so over the years.

Not only this, but mindsets are changing towards the increasing amount of larger bodies, leading to body positivity campaigns, as well. These changes, in turn, have improved the health and wellbeing sector through aims to improve mentalities about peoples’ size.

What Does 2020 Look Like for Health and Wellbeing?

As we’ve seen, the health and wellbeing sector is already predicted to rise by six percent. However, due to the current social climate across the globe – namely, everybody remaining in their homes for the foreseeable future – it’s likely that this will increase even more!

Humans are inherently social creatures, so having to remain locked inside can really affect the way people feel. What’s more, those with existing mental health conditions are certain to feel these crops up again in isolation.

Because of this, people are making a huge deal about working together to fix these problems. For example, across social media, people from all backgrounds are focusing on ways to improve their mental health. They’re sharing their tips and tricks for working from home, the apps they use for mindfulness and some ideas for fitness regimes.

So, although the health and wellbeing sector was certainly predicted to rise this year, could it rise even more than anticipated? Thanks to the coronavirus, that might just be the case.

Positive Investments in the Health and Wellbeing Sector 2019

The growth in the sector obviously means that there’s a lot of money involved. In fact, in 2018, health and wellbeing were valued at $4.5 trillion!

So, was the health and wellbeing industry one of the best investments the UK had to offer in 2019? To show you that this was the case, here are some of the business ideas that grew, as predicted, during 2019:

  • Clean eating, including gluten-free food;
  • Personalized fitness, including apps and tracking devices;
  • And wellness tourism

A Worthwhile Investment in 2020?

As you can see, there is a lot that goes into the health and wellness sector. What’s more, you can see how each individual element within the industry has its own growth, in its own way, too.

The rise in these fields doesn’t look to slow down any time soon, with mental and physical wellbeing becoming a truly inherent element of many peoples’ lifestyles now. By investing your money into up-and-coming companies, with wellbeing at their core, you may see a real return on investment, if you do so wisely.

To add to this, on a more metaphorical level, there is real value for employers to “invest” in employee wellbeing as a viable business strategy. In fact, there are numerous studies showing that stress and poor mental health can drastically affect productivity in the workplace. So, it seems only natural to take the time and effort to invest in this as an employer.

Areas to Invest in 2020

Whether you’re using your investment ISA, setting up investment bonds through your life insurance or pension, or just being smart with your money, health and wellness is a big trend. The growing areas in 2019 we mentioned previously are predicted to continue to grow over the next few years. Because of this, investing in these ideas could be a good start.

But what about some more ideas for 2020? Well, some great examples of where the 2020 health and wellbeing sector is looking to go include:

  • Alternative packaging: people are rapidly steering away from plastic packaging, so it may be wise to think about investing in companies that provide a sustainable alternative.
  • Specialty ingredients: for example, enzymes for probiotic yogurt, could be a worthwhile investment, as people are looking for more ways to protect their bodies. Especially right now, with a global pandemic on our hands, this could be a real market to tap into.
  • Home fitness: working out from home was already a worthwhile investment in 2019. That said, with everything happening right now, we have no choice but to keep these habits up. So, people are looking for ways to track their fitness, their food intake, and the like, so perhaps this is a viable investment option.
  • Mobile phone apps: fitness apps, yoga apps, meditation apps, mindfulness apps, and even sleep apps are all becoming more and more popular as time goes on. However, with the current situation as it is, these apps may be looking to boom in the next couple of months or even weeks!
  • Vegan food: this has been a growing sector for a while now, but it doesn’t look as though the trend will halt any time soon. The industry is now moving to a world of realistic “meat” products, which are becoming more and more like the real thing. This could be a real success story if you decide to tap into it.

Fancy Investing in the Health and Wellbeing Sector?

As you can see, the health and wellness sector has rapidly grown over recent years. What’s more, it doesn’t look like this growth is set to stop any time soon. What with everything going on in the world right now, it’s likely that it may even grow more than anticipated in 2020.

What do you think? Is the health and wellbeing sector worth investing in? Or, do you think we’ve been there and done that, and need to move on?

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