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The 6 Ways CBD Oil Benefits Senior Citizens



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Now that hemp can be legally grown; there has been an explosion of CBD products on the market. Everything from gummy bears to tinctures containing cannabidiol oil is helping people treat many different ailments.

CBD is derived from hemp and is legal to use in many states as it doesn’t have THC that the marijuana plant contains. Hemp is the stronger cousin of CBD that has psychoactive properties that CBD doesn’t.

What does this have to do with senior citizens? CBD oil can provide relief for many of the problems that people face as they age. It is an all-natural product with very few side effects.

The only problem with CBD oil for seniors right now is the cost. It is not covered by Medicare yet. Though if you have supplemental insurance like Mutual of Omaha Medicare, then you may save some money on it.

In this article, we will go over several reasons that seniors should look into CBD to treat their common ailments.

1 – Pain relief

It’s no secret that seniors suffer from stiff and achy joints and back. Since cannabidiols are very useful at attaching to endocannabinoid receptors, which manage pain, it is ideal.

CBD is as effective as traditional pain medications and, in some cases, even better. There are CBD based creams that can be applied directly to the are where your pain is and see the relief that way. Adding capsaicin to the cream is a great combination that works wonders.

Taken orally, either as an oil under the tongue or as an ingredient in food, takes longer to be felt but also reduces pain.

2 – Headaches and migraines

There are two main reasons that we get headaches and migraines. From stress and inflammation of blood vessels in the brain.

CBD tackles both of those issues. CBD is a great stress reliever as it helps to calm the mind and brings a sense of calm.

Then, it is a potent anti-inflammatory. Since headaches are caused mainly by the inflammation of the blood vessels, this is significantly reduced by CBD, so the headaches dissipate.

3 – Insomnia

Many older adults don’t sleep nearly enough. This lack of sleep causes a myriad of health problems, as sleep is key to maintaining a robust immune system. There seems to be a link between cases of glaucoma and even Alzheimer’s disease and lack of sleep.

CBD has been shown to extend the deep sleep phase, which helps stay asleep longer. It also reduces the length of the light sleep stage, so we are less likely to be woken up by noises or light.

4 – Stimulates the appetite

Many senior citizens are undernourished, which presents many health problems. They don’t eat enough, and their diet is unbalanced as a result.

People joke about marijuana smokers always having the munchies. Well, some of that is due to an increase in appetite from the CBD present. So, you don’t have to smoke marijuana to gain an appetite; a little CBD oil will bring it on.

Make sure to eat healthy foods with this healthy appetite to make sure your diet is balanced, however.

5 – Alzheimer’s and dementia

There is a toxic protein that accumulates on the brain and is believed to be the primary cause of dementia and Alzheimer’s in older adults. This causes inflammation in the brain and many damaged cells.

CBD is showing some promise when it comes to regenerating the damaged brain cells and also reducing the amount of the protein, to begin with. Though it can’t be considered a cure or an alternative to therapy, it may prove helpful in reducing the risk of eventually succumbing to dementia.

6 – Bone health

Brittle bones are an issue for people as they age. We lose bone mass rapidly after we turn 60.

CBD has been shown to help to regenerate the cells in the bones, which adds to their strength. One of the primary ways is its anti-inflammatory properties, which also helps with osteoporosis.

This anti-aging effect is also in play in other organs of the body and helps in a variety of ways when damaged cells are repaired.


There is little downside to taking CBD oil. It is easy to take as it comes in many forms; it is a sort of cure-all as it helps almost every age-related ailment, and it is now widely available.

Side effects are almost, nonexistent and addiction is not an issue as it is not a psychoactive element.

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