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Nine Tips for Better Sleep



5 top tips for a better night’s sleep

The human body and mind are structured in such a way that they should rest part of the day, therefore getting good-quality sleep is as vital for health as regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Unfortunately, many people do not get the right quality and quantity of sleep during the night, which adversely affects hormone secretion, hormone function, and brain function.

Consequently, it can lead to weight gain and a higher risk of emotional, physical, and mental health problems. It is, therefore, essential to make changes, where possible, to sleep well and long. So how can you improve the quality of sleep you experience?

There are several ways to improve the quality and length of sleep every night. Here are nine worth thinking about:

Avoid long daytime naps

People should take short or no naps during the day. Short siestas may have health benefits such as refreshing the mind. However, prolonged and irregular daytime naps can adversely affect sleep at night as it interferes with an individual’s biological clock.

Regular sleeping timetable

It helps to have a set time for going to bed and waking up. The human body has a circadian rhythm that it follows for going to sleep and waking up following daytime light and nighttime darkness. Aligning with this rhythm helps an individual to feel more refreshed and energized. Eventually, the body and brain adjust to the new time table, and it becomes easy to fall asleep and stay asleep.


It is advisable to avoid consuming too much food late in the evening as heavy meals might cause discomfort that may disturb sleep. It’s better to eat as early as 6 pm so that most of the food is digested before bedtime. Also, it’s better to drink more fluids during the day and less in the evening to prevent the need to get up and urinate, which also disturbs sleep.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol late

Caffeine and alcohol should not be taken in the evening since they are stimulants that interfere with sleep. Research says caffeine can stay in the body for up to 8 hours, so making it any time after 3 pm may lead to sleeplessness at bedtime. Alcohol has the same effect, and it may also lead to the need to get up and urinate, which breaks the sleep pattern.

Make the bedroom a relaxing environment

The bedroom should be taken as a sanctuary. People should avoid watching television in the bedroom as that introduces noise and also keeps them awake when they should be sleeping.

They should make the bedroom dark, calm, and quiet to increase the chances of getting sound sleep. Using heavy curtains or eye masks can help keep away any disturbing lights. The temperature should be medium, and the room should be well ventilated. A comfortable mattress and pillow also help.

Shower before bed

A warm and relaxing shower will make a person relax and feel refreshed enough to fall asleep. Alternatively, a person can take a warm bath with a few drops of a relaxing essential oil such as lavender. People who don’t want to shower or bath can wash their feet in hot water which is also relaxing.

Relaxation in the evening

Body massage with an oil containing a relaxing essential oil such as lavender also helps the body and the brain to relax, which leads to better sleep. Alternatively, one may go into meditation after a relaxing bath to calm down the mind and help with sleep.


Melatonin supplements are some of the most popular and effective sleeping aids that help with many hours of sleep. CBD oil has also become very popular due to its high effectiveness in solving sleep problems. It decreases depression, anxiety, and stress and has the desired effect of relaxing both body and mind. The great thing about it is that it is quite safe, and it has many other benefits and may solve the health problem that is causing a lack of sleep.

Solve health problems

If sleep is being disturbed by a health problem, then the health problem should be attended to by a health professional so that there is no discomfort at night.

Way forward

To improve the quantity and quality of sleep, it is wise to follow a holistic approach. If the above tips are all supported, it is possible to sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed, ready for the day’s work, every day.

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