Close But No Cigar

Smoking – millions of people do it despite constant warnings of how bad for you it is. However, people still insist on having them, they enjoy it, and it’s their own choice, so why not? It is everyone’s right to make that decision providing it is legal. If people want to smoke, then so be it.

Despite all the publicised criticisms no one ever seems to mention any of the actual positives. Without going into it in detail one of the big elements about smoking is the social aspect. If you go out at the weekend, or even in the week people are always in the smoking area with a ‘cig’. It wasn’t so long ago that all these people were inside smoking up until the smoking ban in public buildings was put into place. It sometimes seems the thing to do, having a few drinks and then light up a cigarette or in some cases cigars.

This originally was deemed as annoying to the smokers out there, however over time it became apparent that it wasn’t an unreasonable thing to ask. Without that being put into place it wasn’t just you smoking, everyone else was too. Recently the government have taking things further to dissuade people from smoking. Advertising cigarettes is now illegal.

Attention doesn’t seem to fall on the cigar, although obviously very similar, it doesn’t seem to make the headlines. They undoubtedly look far cooler than cigarettes and they always seems to be in the mouths of all the crime bosses and gangsta’s in Hollywood films no doubt based on the infamous Al Capone. They definitely have more of a prestige element about them.

Some of these cigars are individually hand rolled. With the some of the most expensive being $1,150 alone and a chest costing a whopping $115,000. It is safe to say there are only a select few who enjoy these; it wouldn’t be surprising if those such as Jack Nicholson or even Arnold Schwarzenegger were amongst them. A surprising cigar smoker is Michael Jordan, he even partook during his playing days! Although it’s safe to say that none of his team mates would have stopped from lighting up on the team bus.

For those of you who do smoke, the warnings are there, make your own decisions. For those of you who want to step up in the world and smoke cigars; there are many websites where you can get everything you need.

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