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Electronic Cigarettes- Reducing the Health Concerns



Vape pen – is it really injurious to health?

Electronic cigarettes are a wonderful way to reduce the health concerns of smoking without having to actually quit or limit how much you smoke. While more studies still need to be performed to verify the exact health benefits, those that have been conducted prove that many of the concerns of traditional cigarettes are completely removed.

First, the chemicals that put into cigarettes are not found in the electronic version. Traditional cigarettes contain tobacco and dozens of other chemicals. For the most part, it is these chemicals that wreak havoc on the body. It is these chemicals that make the addiction worse. They also cause the teeth to yellow, the lungs to fail, and cancer to form. If you do not ingest these chemicals, you are eliminating the damage they cause. The electronic cigarette uses a cartridge that contains only the nicotine from the tobacco and water vapor. Your body may need some time to adjust from having the nasty chemicals to being denied them, but in the end, you will still have your nicotine without the health hazards.

The chemicals cause damage to nearly every part of your body. They are known to harden the arteries and lead to heart attacks or strokes. They reduce the ability of the kidneys and liver to function properly. They cause extreme damage to the nasal passages and throat where they are transported. Every day that you put these into your body, you are causing a little more damage that will eventually become irreversible. The electronic cigarette can help you stop putting these chemicals into your body and get back on a healthier path.

Second, because there is no smoke in the electronic version, the damage to the lungs is significantly reduced. When you exhale, all that is being released is water vapor. This means that water vapor is the only agent that is carrying the nicotine into the body. There is no buildup on the lungs that reduces the capacity for oxygen or their ability to function. While this is great for the lungs themselves, it is also positive for the entire body. When you can breathe easily, you are more likely to enjoy being active. Exercise can become a fun hobby as opposed to a chore when it is not painful.

There are still negative aspects to putting nicotine in your body, but switching from traditional cigarettes to the electronic version is a great first step towards helping yourself. Eventually, you may be able to wean off the electronic cigarette altogether. However, it can help you make significant progress in your health before you officially call yourself a nonsmoker. Try electronic cigarettes for a month or two and experience the benefits of breathing better and not being bogged down by chemicals for yourself.