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Top 10 CBD Facts And Myths You Need to Know



Eight things to know about cbd

CBD is the next biggest health craze that’s sweeping the nation. It’s been praised for helping those with anxiety and high stress relax. It’s been noted as a useful remedy for pain, seizures, inflammation, and other ailments. Some say it can even help battle cancer.

But before you buy CBD oil for sale online or in a dispensary where cannabis products are legal, you’ll want to know the truth about it. There are dozens of misconceptions about it from those who haven’t tried or tested the product. Today, let’s clear up some of those myths and share a few essential facts along the way.

  1. Myth: CBD Gets You High

When it’s sold legally throughout the United States, CBD can’t get you high because it doesn’t contain THC, the ingredient in marijuana that delivers a high. Any products sold online must contain less than 0.03 percent THC, which isn’t enough to even get a rodent high.

Some CBD products sold in dispensaries where marijuana is legal may contain higher doses of THC. If you don’t want that high, make sure you’re getting the products without it or that you use it just as a topical remedy. If you’re buying online, double check the THC content to make sure the vendor is complying with the law.

  1. Fact: You Can Get CBD in Many Forms for Different Uses

Think that CBD only comes in an oil dropper or vape juice? Think again. These are popular formats for delivering the effects of CBD, but there are many more. If you don’t love the earthen taste of the oil, you could try a delicious gummy. There are also incense candles if you’d rather breathe in the smell than put it in your mouth.

Don’t forget about creams, ointments, skin lotions, tinctures, capsules, brownies and other edibles, isolate crystals, and more.

  1. Myth: CBD Is Addictive

There are no scientific or anecdotal studies that suggest CBD is addictive. In fact, many addiction recovery centers use CBD as a tool for counteracting addiction to more harmful substances like opioids. It can relax the body during withdrawals and curb cravings to help individuals commit to quitting.

  1. Fact: CBD Interacts with Your Body’s Natural Cannabinoids

Did you know that your body has an endocannabinoid system that receives cannabinoid-based signals from the brain? That’s way cannabinoids like CBD are so effective. It influences the stress and anxiety signals of the brain, and other hormones in order to return the system to homeostasis.

  1. Myth: There’s No Research to Show CBD Is Effective

This common myth is only stated by the uneducated. However, the research on CBD is small given that it has been a banned substance for many years. The research we do have is largely in favor of CBD helping to treat many ailments.

Studies on CBD and pain relief date back to 2900 B.C., and recent studies show that it’s significantly effective at treating chronic pain. There are also many studies indicating that CBD works similarly to an anti-depressant or an anti-anxiety medication for those suffering from mental health.

The largest school of research surrounds CBD as a treatment for seizures. Children and adults diagnosed with epilepsy are often prescribed a CBD-based drug called Epidolex to reduce the severity and frequency of seizures.

If you do your research, you’ll find that there are plenty of resources that support CBD!

  1. Fact: People Can’t Stop Talking About Its Effectiveness

Google “CBD for [insert ailment]” and you’ll see thousands of articles, Reddit conversations, social media posts, and more confirming the effectiveness of the substance. You’ll also see hundreds of celebrities and athletes who publicly endorse its use, including Whoopi Goldberg, Kristen Bell, Nate Diaz, and more.

  1. Myth: CBD Is a Brand-New Health Gimmick

CBD has been around for centuries, and it’s certainly no gimmick! As mentioned previously, CBD use for the treatment of pain and other maladies dates back as far as 2900 B.C. when ancient civilizations recognized its natural healing powers.

In the United States, CBD became popular in the early 1940s in Illinois. It was actually discovered before THC and was used without psychoactive effects. When THC was discovered, research blew up showing that it altered the mental state and could be harmful to the body. With that new research came many misconceptions about CBD. Since that time, CBD has been a buzzword, and not always in a good way.

  1. Myth: Kids Should Never Use CBD

Parents should do their research carefully before giving their kids CBD, but in most cases, it’s safe. One of the first epileptic patients to use CBD with success was a little girl who suffered with more than 300 seizures a day. A CBD-based treatment was the only thing that helped, and she thrived under its use with minimal side effects.

Note that CBD is not FDA regulated, so parents should carefully research the right products, dosages, and usages to limit potential side effects. But with the right dosing and quality products, it can be a great treatment for anxiety, sleep disorders, and other health problems in children.

  1. Fact: CBD Is Legal When Sold Online without THC

You might think that it’s illegal to possess CBD in a state where cannabis products aren’t legal, but that’s not the case. CBD can be shipped to your home and you can consume it there, if it does not contain more than the legal limit of THC. Research the ingredients of the products you’re buying carefully to make sure you don’t order an illegal dose.

  1. Myth: All CBD Is Created Equally

Just as CBD comes in a variety of forms to treat different ailments, it can also come from very different dispensaries. Anyone using CBD should be wary when purchasing the products to make sure you’re getting the real deal. You don’t want to end up with CBD that has illegal levels of THC, for example.

The purity of CBD products also varies. Not all CBD products are made of pure CBD, but you’ll want to purchase from a company that’s open and honest about what’s in their products. Only purchase from a company with great reviews and avoid getting involved with an unverified company that can’t promise to offer great products!

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