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How to Use Hemp Oil for Your Dogs



How to use hemp oil for your dogs

Most of the time, when fur parents give something to their pets, they read the ingredient list to make sure it is perfectly safe. So, when researchers say that cannabis helps dogs, there were a lot of skeptics. How can something that gives people a high sensation make animals better?

Even though there are plenty of on-going debates on the matter, marijuana is beneficial for users. It relieves anxiety and improves overall health with its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. And it does not happen to humans alone; the same benefits happen with hemp oil for dogs.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

To extract hemp oil, the stalk, leaves, and branches of cannabis get cold press. The primary reason why a lot of research studies approves it for health use is its essential polyunsaturated fatty acid components, otherwise known as Omega-3 and Omega-6.

These fatty acids are something that the human body needs, but require to outsource them because they cannot produce it naturally. Hemp oil is essential in fighting against cardiovascular diseases and promoting healthy cells while reducing cell damage. Further, hemp oil for dogs enhances the pet’s overall health and gives off a shinier coating, too.

How to Use it For Dogs?

Since hemp oil comes as a liquid, it is easier to administer in your pet’s daily lifestyle. If you do not have any idea about how to do it, here are a few tips:

Direct Feeding

Most hemp oils come with a dropper. They also have mild flavors and odors that make them appealing to dogs. Therefore, owners can drop the oil directly onto the tongues of their dogs and let them lick the leftovers.

Mix It in Their Food

No matter what you feed your dog, put in a few drops of hemp oil, and it is good to go. Mix it with dry, canned, homemade, or raw dog food, and keep tabs on how many drops you give them. Be consistent as not to disrupt their digestion.

Put it In a Treat

Since the hemp oil is liquid, treats can easily absorb it. However, it is still best to use soft, porous gifts for faster absorption. Although, if you opt to give your dog his daily doses in this manner, use it sparingly to avoid overdosing.

Make the Recipe Healthy

Observe what healthy treat your dog loves. Is it peanut butter or pumpkin puree? Drop a few hemp oils in it to make it even more robust. Or better yet, if you have talent in the kitchen, make the pets their favorite treats.

How Much Hemp Oil Should Your Dog Take?

Now that you know the various ways of how you can sneak hemp oil for dogs on your pet’s daily meals, identify how much should you give them. The answer lies in the dog’s weight.

The formula is like this: 1 pound of the dog’s weight x 0.25 mg of hemp oil. Therefore, if you plan on giving it to a 15-pound Shih Tzu, the recommended amount is at least 3.75 mg of hemp oil. For dogs suffering from chronic diseases, the dosage depends on how severe their problems are. See how your dog reacts with various dosages of the oil on different days.

Remember that hemp oil also works as a supplement for human beings. Always have your pets checked by their veterinarians before giving them anything out of the ordinary.

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