An Amazon herb called ‘Chanca Piedra’ can dissolve kidney stones in two weeks

America’s major health problems, such as obesity, smoking and stress, are pretty well known, but kidney stones are a whole different matter altogether.

There’s a near-epidemic of kidney stone problems in America these days, and most people don’t even know it until it’s too late and they’re wracked with excruciating pain. Over 1 million people visit a health professional for kidney stone problems according to the latest research, and 300,000 people visit the ER every year due to kidney stone problems as well.

Passing the stones is one of the most painful experiences you could ever have, and surgery isn’t much more pleasant. That’s the bad news.

The good news is far more encouraging: there are natural ways to dissolve your kidney stones before they become a serious problem, including the use of the Amazon Rainforest Herb Chanca Piedra, which means “shatter stone” in Spanish. One German researcher’s study even showed that kidney stones could be dissolved naturally in just 1-2 weeks in the vast majority of patients by taking Chanca Piedra.

I’ve personally taken Chanca Piedra in the past and continue to take it to prevent kidney stones often. In order to share the benefits of Chanca Piedra, I recently interviewed David Benjamin of the website Healthy Wild and Free. We discussed the study, how Chanca Piedra can benefit your health and much more. The video can be watched below, enjoy!

Source: Alt Health Works

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