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Using CBD for asthma treatment



Using cbd for asthma treatment

The never-ending discussion on the benefits of medical cannabis has made it so popular that individual countries have begun to legalize it. It is so well-known today that its possession and use continues to persist, escalate and expand across regions.

Numerous researchers have come out claiming that cannabis is beneficial for fighting diseases like anxiety, chronic inflammation, and even cancer.

Many family physicians in areas like Santa Monica, California, continue to experiment on the many ingredients extracted from cannabis that they think can help improve human health. One of the most prevalent of these active ingredients is cannabidiol, commonly abbreviated as CBD.

Derived directly from the hemp plant, CBD is one of the many essential components of medical cannabis. It does not cause “high” by itself, thus there is no indication of abuse or dependence when a person uses it – an attribute that makes a good case for the legalization of cannabis, and application in medicine, for example, using CBD for asthma treatment.


Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease in which a person’s airways constrict and produce extra mucus, making it difficult for that person to breathe. It’s not considered a debilitating disease and for most people, it’s a minor disturbance.

However, for those on the extreme end, chronic asthma is a major problem that interferes with one’s quality of life and can lead to death. Asthma has no known cure but can be managed and controlled. Many asthmatics have experimented on using CBD for asthma treatment with successful results.

When inspiration (breathing in) occurs in normal people, lung muscles and bronchial tubes relax, widening the air passage so that air moves in easily. However, for an asthmatic, their bronchial tubes are red, swollen and inflamed due to one of the numerous environmental factors that the person may be allergic to.

This inflammation and swelling make the lung muscles tighter around the air passage, squeezing it resulting in shortness of breath and wheezing. Examples of environmental allergens include dust, cold, and fumes, among others. Fortunately, Cbd has many properties that make it ideal for asthma treatment.

Cbd for Asthma

Cbd is a known bronchodilator, antispasmodic, and contains anti-inflammatory properties. When taken orally or inhaled into the human system, it dilates the respiratory passages, preventing constriction of bronchioles, thereby allowing asthma patients to breathe freely.

Additionally, the anti-inflammatory properties make it very suitable for treating asthma. It contains potent immune-suppressive qualities needed by people with allergen-sensitive lungs.

Cannabinoids are naturally found in many parts of the human body, including the lung tissue. They play a crucial role in regulating inflammation, dilation, and contraction of lung muscles for breathing. Cbd combines with these cannabinoids to produce responses that suppress chronic inflammation of the air passages, thus allowing air to pass.

Lastly, CBD is an antispasmodic. Asthma patients suffer from regular spasms of the lung muscles (bronchospasms) which result in constriction of the air passage. The bronchioles have smooth muscles, which contract easily during an asthma attack leading to breathing difficulties. Cbd contains muscle spasm relieving effects.

Cbd vaporizers

Many people are still hesitant to smoke cannabis as a form of respiratory treatment because it has long been considered illegal and unethical. Since most asthmatics are used to inhalers, an alternative and suitable way of ingesting CBD would be to use CBD vaporizers.

Cbd oil is vaporized to provide the body with a maximum concentration of CBD content, helping fight asthma attacks. Cbd vaporizers have no negative side effects on the lungs or throat.

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