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The Life of The Traveling Nurse



Nursing isn’t exactly the most glamorous or highly-desired career out there, but it’s a very noble one, and it’s a job that requires you to have genuine compassion for other people to be successful at it. The concept of a traveling nurse, however, is far more appealing to most people. If you have ever considered entering the healthcare field or becoming a nurse, the life of a traveling nurse could be precisely what you had in mind.

What are the benefits of being a traveling nurse?

While it’s quite apparent, the single most significant advantage of being a traveling nurse is that you get to travel all the time. If you have always dreamed of seeing the world, experiencing new cultures, eating exotic foods, and residing in a new home every few months, this job might be the perfect one for you. Traveling nurses get many opportunities to meet new people in foreign lands, make new friends, and establish professional connections with others in the healthcare field that they could never meet otherwise.

Traveling nurses not only have the pleasure of enjoying themselves while going from place to place for work; they also get an edge over the competition in terms of advancing their careers. These nurses-on-the-move also have an easier time getting time off from work. Since work is assignment-based, traveling nurses can take as much time in between assignments as they would like. The only thing that would take a hit is personal income.

In addition to getting the global experience, traveling nurses are paid highly for their work. Compared to typical nurses who only work in a single location such as a hospital or nursing home, these nurses are paid extra for the constant traveling they have to do and the additional expenses they incur along the way. Traveling nurses also get excellent benefits for themselves and their families, including health, vision, dental coverage, and more.

Are there any downsides to the job?

If you don’t truly and thoroughly enjoy a life of consistent traveling, you might find the job of a traveling nurse to be the burden of a lifetime. Going from place to place and living in a hotel to a hotel can be extremely stressful and tiresome for many. The constant change of scenery takes both a mental and physical toll on the body because you never get to settle in anywhere. Combine this and dealing with severely ill individuals who can be aggressive and irritable regularly, and you have a recipe for disaster.

If you have a family, this job is probably not the best choice. You will have to be away from home for months at a time without ever really knowing when you’ll have time off to visit them. With young children at home, working as a traveling nurse could make you miss out on their entire childhood, ruining your bond with your kids. It will also be quite challenging to see your friends face-to-face when you’re spending most of your time on a plane or in some third-world country without internet access.

What qualities do I need to have to enjoy a traveling nurse career?

To be successful at the job, it is necessary that you can adapt to new environments without much effort. Being in unfamiliar settings regularly requires that you are very social and comfortable at drawing information from others. Knowing several languages will come in very handy. You should also have an interest in adventure and the unknown. Finally, like with all nurses, you need to have a passion for helping the sick. With strong morals and a solid educational foundation, you should be able to make life-saving decisions based on your in-depth medical knowledge.