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Insomnia Causes and Treatment



Insomnia causes and treatment

Insomnia is a sleep disorder where you lack sleep or have difficulties staying a sleep. Mostly caused by depression, anxiety, and lack of physical exercise, some medicines and poor sleeping patterns. It can be long term insomnia when you have more issues sleeping for more than three consecutive days in a week for past three months.

This is referred to as chronic insomnia. Acute insomnia is where you experience issues sleeping for a short time. Constant health check-ups come in handy. Visit your health provider for evaluation in case you are suffering from insomnia.

They can advise you take natural sleep supplements to improve your sleeping conditions.

There are two types of namely primary and secondary insomnia.

Primary insomnia

Having sleep problems that are not directly related with health issues.

Secondary insomnia

You experience sleep difficulties due to health issues, medication, and pain or over indulging in alcohol and other drugs. Health issues that cause insomnia include depression, cancer, arthritis and heartburns.


Insomnia is caused by a wide range of issues

  • Stress: Prolonged stress leads to a deprivation in sleep leading to sleeping disorders. Life stress such as work related, family or even divorce.
  • Illness: Some health disorders contribute significantly to having sleep deficiency.
  • Change in environment: when you are accustomed to certain environment, a change in environment can lead to lack of sleep. Environmental factors such as adverse cold or heat can interfere with your sleep.
  • Interference in normal sleep patterns. When you are accustomed to a certain sleeping pattern, a change in it interferes and messes up with your sleep. This could be due to prolonging the time you stay up watching, or cleaning the house and reading. It is important to maintain your sleeping pattern.
  • Depression: depression is also linked to causing sleeping issues.
  • Pain: having pain in some body parts also leads to poor sleeping patterns.

Insomnia Treatment

  • Medication. Acute insomnia is both preventable and curable. Medication is administered to cure it. If you find it hard to sleep during the night due to tiredness, your family doctor can prescribe sleeping supplements for you.
  • Maintaining a sleeping pattern. Stick to a consistent sleeping pattern to avoid interrupting with it and maintain a healthy sleeping schedule.
  • Treatment. Treating chronic insomnia starts with curing the underlying health conditions. Visit your health care giver and get treated on the other sicknesses such as arthritis or heartburns that are causing insomnia. The medication administered will improve your sleeping patterns.
  • Physical exercise. Engaging in physical exercises makes you feel fresh and clears any stress that you may be experiencing thus improving your sleeping habits. They also make you relax.
  • Therapy. Helps you get more adequate sleep.
  • Avoid over indulgence. Substances such as alcohol and hard drugs interfere with sleep. Avoid over indulgence to promote healthy sleeping schedules.

Avoid using over the counter medicine to treat insomnia. Some medications have adverse side effects. Visit your care giver to prescribe the appropriate natural sleep supplements. Insomnia should be treated early before it turns to chronic insomnia. Adequate sleep makes you relax, feel fresh and more productive in your daily activities.

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