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These Healthy Habits Brought Joe Casanova to Riches



These healthy habits brought joe casanova to riches

Every day may begin the same but it definitely doesn’t end the same for Joe Casanova.

Humans are creatures of habit and when you accept that you’re able to maximize your output by building off of your routine then you might just see that the world belongs to you.

To Joe, a successful serial entrepreneur who has been directly involved in two startup acquisitions and a multi-million dollar merger of two companies in the hospitality space, how he starts the day determines how the rest of his day goes.

Starting off his day means immediately getting out of his bed, drinking a half liter of water, and going straight to the gym to work-out. Even if it is a Sunday you’ll catch him working out.

Some say there is an issue with overtraining but with Joe not every day in the gym is a full exertion. He claims that he uses this time of the day for him to get his mind and body in the right mindset before starting the workday.

It also gives his body enough time to crave nutrients which follows with him eating a full breakfast. He later has coffee to boost his breakfast and finishes up by feeding his pets.

Then it’s go time!

He typically runs his agency’s stand up meeting at 9:30 am which at really catapults his day. He explains he was always envious of those who can start their day at 6 am.

He has tried before and done it successfully but was never able to do it consistently. The thing with habits is that they only work when you’re being consistent with it.

He operates with a standing desk and padding floors which allows him to keep his blood flow rolling and stay mobile. He focuses a lot on functional workouts from deep squats and stretches when he is on phone calls.

He cracked a joke saying that the people who work around him sometimes think he’s crazy but apparently there is a rationale behind his madness.

He refers to his workouts as the spartan workouts because it is mostly derived from calisthenics.

A lot of people struggle working out when they are traveling but the beauty about calisthenics and mobility exercises is that he is able to do them from anywhere. The days that he doesn’t work out he admits he needs to double dose the caffeine to try and get the edge. His philosophy on measuring if you’re working out hard enough is that if there is at least one muscle group that is sore you’re probably doing it just right.

When it comes down to the diet, one tries to always eat clean but the temptations that life gives always seems to get in the way. So there is cycling between high-calorie days.

He says this is the secret to getting the abs you want because as some may believe they aren’t made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen. He works in a volatile space so he tries to keep his diet consistent with either paleo or ketogenic. When in doubt eat high fats but never eat sugar.

All of this helps him manage the five businesses he runs.

As an agency owner, you tend to deal with a lot of clients and projects which for Joe the solution is discipline along with extraordinary organization.

We took a peek into his Asana, the project management software he uses, and it looks like someone with OCD took Adderall and spent a lifetime in there.

I guess that’s where he coins the nickname JOECD. He also has another nickname, the influencer whisperer. This is from his company Furlough where he helps influencers scale their brand by monetizing their channel.

Joe wanted to make sure that we closed out the feature with a few key points.

Meditation is key when making important business decisions. Through the calmness, you can look past the chaos.

When in doubt, sleep on it. Doing nothing but thinking can sometimes be more productive than completing tasks.

Lastly, if you aren’t going to think about it for more than five minutes five years from now, don’t bother spending more than five minutes on it now.

Think macro, while you act micro.

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