What Are The Obvious Effects Of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is one of the most devastating forms of addiction that anyone can ever be plagued with at any given moment. Moreover, what makes it worse is the one abusing drugs will never know that he or she is addicted until its too late. Unfortunately, some of them never realize that they do have an issue until they succumb to the addiction.

There are different kinds of drugs, some more potent than others. Of course, these different drugs may have different effects on the body, while others may have the same results. Some of these drugs include alcohol, cocaine, heroin, opiates, hallucinogens, barbiturates, and inhalants.

Also, that’s why it is essential to take note of the effects of drug abuse, both the short-term effects as well as the long-term effects. Knowing all about these effects will help anyone recognize that they are on the path of drug abuse and look for better ways to stop it from exacerbating. Let’s start with the short term effects of drug abuse:

The Short Term Effects of Drug Abuse

As mentioned earlier, different drugs do have different short term side effects. It is therefore essential for one to take note of these side effects so that you can know what to do when they notice these either on themselves or their loved ones. Some of the short-term side effects include the following:

  • Alcohol – The short-term side effects of alcohol may consist of an alcohol-induced coma, mood swings, impaired judgment, stupor, lack of concentration, slurred speech, coordination issues, memory loss, and uncontrolled eye movements. Thankfully, all these side effects can go away on their own, but that should be a warning to anyone who is over consuming alcohol.
  • Opiates – The short-term side effects of opioids may include a coma, vomiting, itching skin, nausea, dysphoria, euphoria which is later followed by apathy, drowsiness, slurred speech, slowed movements, suppressed thinking capacity, memory loss, and pinpoint pupils. An immediate opiate detox while pregnant is usually encouraged to avoid endangering the lives of both the mom and the kid due to oxygen deprivation.
  • Inhalants – Some of the side effects of inhalants may include poor judgment, coma, dizziness, lethargy, euphoria, muscle weakness, stupor, tremors, delayed reflexes, delusions, blurred vision vomiting, hallucinations, heart attacks, and poor judgment. It is, therefore, a good idea for anyone who is handling inhalants in the household to wear the necessary protective gear to avoid any issues.
  • Barbiturates – The short term effects of this over-the-counter drug may include confusion, unsteady gait, coma, stupor, drowsiness, sedation, cognitive dysfunction, poor judgment, mood swings, slurred speech, and trouble with coordination.

The good thing about most short-term effects is they can be treated fast because the damage isn’t as expensive as it would’ve been when one continued with the substance abuse. Again, taking note of these side effects can be a game changer for anyone.

The Long Term Effects of Drug Abuse

The long term effects of drug abuse are way more severe than the short-term effects listed above. It is, therefore, a good idea for anyone to never allow themselves to get to this level because the results can either be permanent or fatal. Below are some side effects of abusing different drugs over a long period:

  • Alcohol –Irregular heart rhythm, stroke, high blood pressure, cirrhosis, liver cancer, pancreatitis, a weakened immune system, breast cancer, cardiomyopathy, suicidal ideation, irritability, charred lips, bloodshot eyes, and alcohol dependence.
  • Hallucinogens- Affects the white matter in the brain, sleep-related problems, damages the axons, hormonal imbalance, psychological dysfunction, and persistent memory impairments, to mention a few. It is, therefore, a good idea to not let your addiction get this far because the damage to your brain can be permanent.
  • Barbiturates – Irritability, memory loss, lower blood pressure, changes in alertness, slower pulse, legal issues, lower in productivity, skin lesion, and assaults/fights.
  • Opiates – HIV contraction, cellulitis, puncture marks along the skin, infection on the heart lining, tuberculosis, abscesses, and peripheral edema.
  • Inhalants – Limb spasms, asthma, anxiety, brain damage, loss of coordination, hearing loss, liver damage, kidney damage, and tuberculosis.


Drug abuse can be a devastating blow to a person. At first, most drug abusers may be in denial, which explains why they, in most cases, usually choose not to accept that they require help.

The latter tells why the short-term symptoms typically go unnoticed. It is, therefore, a good idea for you to always be on the lookout because not doing so can end up hurting you or a loved one in ways you/they might never recover.

The moment one realizes that they may be addicted to any of the drugs mentioned above/substances, then their first order of business ought to be seeking help. First, they will have to leave the environment that making them sick.

For instance, if they live in an area where alcohol abuse is rampant, then their first order of business should be living. The next step should be checking into rehab for help.

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