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CBD Oil For Cats By Cannabidiol Life



Cbd oil for cats by cannabidiol life


Here at Cannabidiol Life, we love our pets. As fellow pet owners, we know the lengths and depths people are willing to go for the maintenance and well being of our furry friends.

Cbd oil for cats by cannabidiol life

Increases in the age, weight, or lifestyle of our pets can often bring some form of health problem along with it. When problems do rear their ugly heads, unfortunately they can also bring astronomically high veterinary costs.

Like anything involving a drug and pharmaceutical company, prices for treatments often increase to absurdity. As pet owners, we shouldn’t be forced to make life changing decisions for our pets and our lives because of financial ramifications.

Therefore, one of the best things we can do is to take preventative care of our pets now via supplementation, and avoid a myriad of problems later. Scientific studies state that CBD has shown wondrous potential for our pets.

This my friends, is where CBD for pets (specifically cats), comes in. CBD Oil for cats is the liquid substance produced from extracting cannabinoids from cannabis sativa plants.

Medical Uses

With the increased focus on the medical uses of marijuana brought about from the legalization movement, coupled with the Hemp Farm Act signed into law December 2018, there has never been a better time to consider a holistic approach for our cats general health maintenance.

Cannabinoids may sound questionable, as most associate “canna” with marijuana, however what makes marijuana a drug is actually the cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. THC is psychoactive and is responsible for a euphoric “high” feeling.

However, little to no negative side effects have been associated with the use of CBD, when using the suggested dosage. Most companies, especially those operating from states where marijuana is still illegal, only carry CBD produced from hemp plants.

Hemp plants produce low amounts of THC, and therefore the plant extracts fall below the 0.3% THC amount which makes the product federally legal.

When purchasing CBD supplements for your pet, make sure to choose a high quality organic oil, from a company that can demonstrate proper certificates of authenticity and ingredients.


Research has shown the presence of C1 and C2 receptors in the organs of most mammals (like cats) that react with cannabinoids. This endocannabinoid system reacts on a molecular level, working with the parasympathetic system, to cause the body to enter a state of rest and digestion.

CBD supplementation for cats specifically helps in a number of ways. CBD has been shown to assist in bodily inflammation, a common issue with pets as they age. Using CBD has been shown to help cats that struggle with epilepsy and seizures.

The naturally calming elements of CBD can help with anxiety, since a relaxed state reduces sensitivity to external stressors.

Homeostasis also affects the rate at which cell production and replication can occur, which means supplementation has the potential to reduce cancer cell production as well. CBD comes in many different forms.

Most commonly it is produced as oil in tinctures. Tinctures come with droppers that make adding the right amount of CBD to your cats food a breeze. Cat treats with CBD baked in, though not as readily accessible, are available.

Treats allow slow digestion and absorption, and may help overall wellness of your pet by extending the amount of time they are affected by the cannabinoid. We hope your cat lives a long and healthy life, and if this article helps to extend or better it, then we’ve accomplished our goal here at Cannabidiol Life.

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