What Facials Can’t Fix: How to Reduce Sagging and Deep-set Wrinkles

Over time, age and sun exposure take their toll on our skin’s elasticity, creating wrinkles and sagging that can make us look older than we are. Facials are a popular way to improve the look and feel of skin; however, they can’t do the impossible. Before you seek treatment for crow’s feet, laugh lines, and other minor imperfections, learn what you can expect from some of the more popular cosmetic skin procedures.


The second most popular spa treatment next to massage, facials improve the appearance of a person’s face by cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing the skin to help promote a clear, hydrated, younger-looking complexion.

Addressing Wrinkles

While facials do have the ability to improve the look of skin, they aren’t effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and deep-set wrinkles. To address these problems, the following treatments may be needed:


As we age, collagen production diminishes, resulting in looser, uneven skin. Microdermabrasion combats this by stimulating new skin growth and collagen production. During the process, a diamond-tipped wand is used to slough off the upper layer of the skin. In most cases, there is no discomfort, and the procedure requires no recovery or downtime.


A simple, nonsurgical treatment that provides results lasting between three to four months, BOTOX helps reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead lines, and a few other types of wrinkles by reducing muscle activity in the face. During treatment, a mild toxin is injected into specific parts of the face. By blocking nerve impulses, BOTOX prevents muscle contractions that make unattractive wrinkles noticeable. Utilized by numerous celebrities, this procedure is highly effective at promoting a younger appearance. It’s also relatively painless and typically requires no recovery or downtime.


An injectable facial filler, Juvederm is used to soften the appearance of deep folds and facial wrinkles. The injectable mostly consists of hyaluronic acid, a natural complex sugar that promotes a smoother, suppler appearance by bolstering skin elasticity. Although it can also be used to enhance lip volume, Juvederm is mainly utilized to reduce the appearance of nasolabial folds (“marionette lines” running between the outer corners of the mouth and nose), as well as deep nasogenian grooves (folds between the nose and cheek). The procedure is relatively painless, and results typically last up to nine weeks.

Getting That Younger Look

Wrinkles can make us look older than we are, causing people to treat us differently while making us less confident and more introverted. Fortunately, these days, we don’t have to be slaves to our genetic limitations. The right cosmetic procedure can significantly improve the look of your aging skin; however, it’s essential to meet with an experienced esthetician who can help recommend the proper process for your particular areas of concern.

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