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Do I Need To See A Special Doctor In Order To Purchase Medical Marijuana?



Do i need to see a special doctor in order to purchase medical marijuana?

Marijuana has a long history of use dating as far back as 500 BC when the ancient Asians grew, and used it as an herbal medicine. At that time it was not used as a means of getting high feeling from it.

Marijuana’s history in America goes back to the days of the early colonists who grew it to use in rope, and in textiles. The criminalization of marijuana came about during the 20th century because of racial and political factors in the United States.

The legal status of marijuana has been through many trials, but it continues to change in many places within the country. Also called hemp and cannabis, the marijuana plant originated in Central Asia, and was later introduced into Europe, Africa, and the Americas. At that time, the fiber of the plant was used to make clothing, rope, paper, and other products, and the seeds were used as food.

Marijuana was illegal to use in the United States as it had become an illicit drug used by many people to get high. A few decades ago, the battle of making it a legal drug was launched. For years many states in the country were against that option. Today many states have legalized marijuana as a medicinal drug only.

The legal aspects of getting medical cannabis

The popularity of medical marijuana caught on, and many people have the opportunity to legally use it for various medical conditions. The stipulations for its use are stiff, and require a doctor’s prescription to get it.

Although it is legal in some states, the Federal law make it rather difficult for people to obtain a prescription pending their illness, or medical condition. A person has to have a legitimate reason to obtain a doctor’s prescription, and the specific health disorders are mandated by law.

Doctors can not write prescriptions for marijuana, or cannabis, unless the condition is one that is sanctioned by the state in which they live. There are many precautions that a physician has to take because they are bound by the same law.

Several factors will determine if a patient can receive medical marijuana as a treatment option. No specialist is needed for this purpose, just a certified medical doctor who handles the patient’s health care needs.

Some doctors may be reluctant to provide this treatment unless it is proven to help the condition. Getting marijuana as a medical option is not as easy in some states as others.

Some uses for marijuana as a medicine

Any doctor that is licensed in the state in which the patient lives can write a recommendation for the use of medical marijuana. Doctors usually issue certificates of recommendation stating that they believe that medical cannabis can help in the treatment of a certain condition.

Cancer and epilepsy are two health conditions for which a doctor will definitely recommend marijuana for treatment. Many people with glaucoma have been given marijuana for treatment.

Each state has their own set of medical issues, and rules by which the legal cannabis can be issued, or prescribed. In most states where marijuana is legal, once a person receives a recommendation from their doctor, they can purchase the cannabis, use it, have it in their possession legally, and grow it themselves.

After the patient receives their certificate of recommendation, they will also get a medical cannabis card. Every pharmacist does not stock the cannabis. You will need to find a dispensary that has medical cannabis.

Doctors can be found online for consultation

Depending on the state in which you reside, every doctor may not recommend medical cannabis as part of a patient’s treatment plan. If it is legal in your state, many people have gone online to find a doctor that believes in this treatment.

Many patients have had consultations with doctors online, and received a medical certificate of recommendation for their marijuana use for their particular ailment. This is perfectly legal, and more convenient.

There are a myriad of different types of the cannabis product as well as hundreds of strains. It is important that you discuss with the doctor what type of the cannabis is best for treating your condition. Medical cannabis does not always have to be smoked.

It comes in a candy, an oil, and a wide range of other products. These are the modern updated versions of marijuana. A doctor will more than likely suggest a dosage of the product which is very important to follow.

Many people still prefer to smoke it while the more conservative person will use the candy, or oil. Whatever your choice of product, be cautious of the side effects, and not let the product take over your ability to think rationally.

Do research on the products, and discuss previous drug use

It is essential to research the many products, and their availability in your state. Talk with the doctor about what he would suggest as a possible choice for you according to your health needs.

If you have some qualm about consulting online with a doctor, find a reliable doctor that you can trust in your area of the city. This way if the doctor is not one who recommends marijuana, he will be able to help you find a trustworthy doctor that will assist you with this aspect of your treatment.

It is alright to call several doctors in the area, and get their input on the subject. Difficulties may arise if it is discovered that the patient has a previous drug problem. Some doctors may view this as a way to alleviate the problem by using the recommended cannabis as a substitute for any other hard drug.

All of this can be discussed with the doctor. A general practice doctor, or family doctor can help with the patient being able to purchase medical cannabis for various health issues, or illnesses. They will do the normal preliminaries like getting health history, and making sure that vital signs are normal.

If using medical cannabis is what interests you, any doctor can write a certificate of recommendation, and issue a medical cannabis card. It is not certain if this card will come directly from the doctor, or if it is issued by the state. That, too, may need to be researched.

A reasonable tip is to use the card to purchase marijuana for your use only. Buying an excess amount may be cause to have your card revoked. You will generally have a certain amount prescribed by the doctor.

Sharing this would only mean that you will have to do without the medicine for a period of time until your prescription is due to be refilled again. Stay in contact with your doctor, and report any drastic changes with the medical cannabis, or your current health condition.

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