Another lie from the cancer industry: ‘Don’t worry about chemo during pregnancy, it’s perfectly safe’

According to researchers echoing the sentiments of conventional medical wisdom, there is no need to worry about chemotherapy drugs endangering your unborn child if you develop cancer while pregnant, it’s perfectly safe.

The sales people at Cancer Inc partnering with Big Pharma, Big Medicine and everybody else who generates a profit from the cancer industry, are at it again with their latest sales pitch, this time for pregnant women.

It was only a few weeks ago when researchers in the United States made a “completely unexpected” finding showing that while damaging healthy cells, chemotherapy also triggers them to secrete a protein that sustains tumour growth and resistance to further treatment.

Hundreds of pregnant women diagnosed with cancer each year face the agonising decision of what to do next.

Some even opt for an abortion, especially if they are in the early stages of pregnancy and the cancer is very aggressive, while others refuse treatment until after the baby is born.

But researchers in Germany say there is no need to interrupt the pregnancy in any way, delay treatment or use less powerful drugs because your baby will be just fine. Really? So toxic chemicals surging through a woman’s body which cause infections, anemia, bleeding, nausea, vomiting, nerve changes, and problems with fertility will cause no problems for a newborn?

Their study assessed more than 400 women from across Europe who were diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer while pregnant, almost half underwent chemotherapy during pregnancy.

The study also examined whether the newborn babies of the 197 treated women suffered any ill effects that could be attributable to the cancer drugs.

Babies whose mothers had undergone chemotherapy while pregnant had, on average, a lower birth weight than those whose mothers had not had chemotherapy, says a report in The Lancet Oncology journal.

The biggest downfall of this study? All they assessed were superficial and very-short term effects. They only observed birth defects, wellbeing, blood disorders, and alopecia (hair loss).

The study made no attempt to assess the absorption, metabolism or excretion of toxic chemo-therapy agents in newborns, meaning the researchers have absolutely no idea what the long-term effects of cancer treatment will actually be once the child reaches 6 months, 1 year or older.

What are the effects on the child’s cells, brain, body, endocrine and immune systems as they age past the newborn stage?

Around one in 2,000 pregnancies is affected by cancer, a rate that is increasing by 2.5 percent a year as women have children later in life.

The number of chemotherapy cycles received during pregnancy did not appear to affect the babies’ birth weight, leading the authors to suggest that the lower birth weight is not clinically meaningful. Not true.

The consistent low birth weights in children who receive a chemical cocktail is indeed indicative of a serious problem. If fetal growth rates are altered, this is suggestive of some underlying mechanism which may have caused it. The evidence is even in their own data.

Prof Loibl said ‘In the general population, about 10-15 percent of infants are born preterm, but in our study, 50 percent of women with breast cancer delivered preterm, with 23 percent delivering before the 35th week of gestation.

So 50 percent preterm deliveries is not a problem?

‘More complications were reported in the group of infants exposed to chemotherapy than in the group not exposed to chemotherapy.

Professor Loibl added ‘our work suggests that treating patients with breast cancer while pregnant is possible, and there is no need to interrupt the pregnancy or receive inferior therapy.’

Well Professor Loibl, thanks for your glowing endorsement of further poisoning our children with chemotherapy drugs in addition to their already toxic world of vaccines and antibiotics at birth.

For those women who may be asking themselves, “Is this guy insane?” the answer is yes. You should rightfully be questioning all conventional medical wisdom at all times since most of it defies science and logic. This is no exception. To those women who feel that exposing your body to toxic chemicals while pregnant is justified, perhaps you should first interview a woman who has gone through the process to obtain first-hand evidence of what she and her child endured as they aged.

Never let any study dictate how you should treat your body, especially while pregnant and especially when that study is suggesting that toxic chemicals are safe for your fetus. If your gut tells you something is not quite right there, it isn’t.

Source: Prevent Disease

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