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Endurance Running Tips for 2019



Endurance running tips for 2019

Whether you are a new or existing runner you are most likely looking to improve your running game. Some runners are marathoners who want to graduate to the elite ultra-marathon level. Many of us don’t run at all and are looking to sign up and run our first 5k. Whatever your experience is in the running world, there are some tips you should do before and after running to help you improve your game and become a better runner and athlete.


Though this may seem obvious to most runners of all calibers there is still a great deal of athletes who do not stretch prior to running on the treadmill or outside.

Though its important to stretch large muscles that directly impact your running game like your calves and hamstrings its also important to stretch secondary muscles while running like your shoulders and shoulder blades as well.

When you run you are working out more than just your legs and you want to take caution with stretching to prevent serious or minor injury. Stretching is important before all exercise including weight lifting as well. Take 5 minutes to isolate and stretch muscles before going on a run whether its 1 mile or 26.


Even with a good stretch some soreness from running can occur. Many runners typically choose a supplement or few to help them with soreness prior or after there run.

One great supplement that is new to market and helps with muscle soreness after a run is Hemp Salve. You can combine this hemp salve with other creams to produce a relaxing effect.

One supplement runners can take prior to a run is a well balanced and organic multi-vitamin. Making sure your body has vitamins is an easy way to keep a runner’s body limber and resistant to achy lactic acid.

Supplements also help where some may have vitamin deficiencies in their diets. You can find other great CBD supplements on market as well.

Leg Exercises

One easily overlooked component of endurance running is isolated leg exercises. Though running can provide runners with great leg workouts that benefit their cardiovascular system it is not the only way to improve leg strength.

Some trainers recommend hitting the gym on days where runners are not conditioning runs. Leg lift machines benefit your quad muscles, calf raises help strengthen the calf muscles and so on. Runners see the most benefits from hitting gym leg exercises while running on an incline.

Those extra leg muscles combined with conditioned endurance running legs provide for overall strength and performance while running. Stretch, use supplements and work out your legs in the gym. Don’t forget to rest!


Though there are hundreds of running tips for runners to improve their endurance running these 3 discussed above are overlooked by the running community at times. Find some supplements that work for you, stretch, make sure to hydrate and take on a healthy diet. Also work out your legs in the gym so that your overall running game is elevated and you are able to shatter your goals and run times in 2019!

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