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Nicotine Salt Vape Juice to Stop Smoking



Nicotine salt vape juice to stop smoking

Smoking is horrible. We all know this, but for many people, this fact does not stop them from buying yet another pack of those cigarettes. Unfortunately, smokers will continue to buy those cigarettes for one simple reason – they are addicted.

What Causes the Addiction?

When smokers buy cigarettes, they are doing so out of a need more than a want. This is because their body has gotten used to having the nicotine found within the cigarettes. It has gotten to the point where their bodies feel they need it and crave it.

The nicotine used in most cigarettes is called freebase nicotine. For decades, freebase nicotine has been used with various chemicals and compounds within cigarettes to deliver a larger amount of nicotine. This freebase nicotine is also used in a number of other products.

Smoking cessation products like nicotine gum and patches contain amounts of freebase nicotine. There are some vape juice companies that use simple freebase nicotine in their products, as well.

What Makes Nicotine Salt Vape Juice Different?

Smokers looking to quit their addiction to nicotine are switching to nicotine salt vape juice sold by companies like SaltBae50. Nicotine salts take freebase nicotine and infuse certain acids to lower the pH level of the freebase nicotine.

This has several impacts that make nicotine salts a different vape juice than others on the market. The biggest factor resulting from the strategically lower pH level is a much less harshness to the vaping experience.

This allows a higher concentration of nicotine to be applied while allowing lower-end vaping devices still handle the nicotine salt juice well. Another added benefit to using nicotine salts when you quit smoking is the absorption rate of the nicotine into the user’s bloodstream.

Vaping nicotine salts help the nicotine enter the bloodstream more quickly, making it closer to an actual cigarette than tradition vape juices. This will help make the transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping nicotine salts to not vaping nicotine at all much easier and more natural feeling.

All of this means that smokers looking to cut back and eventually quit using nicotine at all will need to use less nicotine salt juice to get the same effect as a cigarette. More and more vapers are noticing that there is a flavor difference in nicotine salts versus traditional juices.

The freebase nicotine actually has an effect on the flavoring that can dull it to some users. Nicotine salts don’t have almost any of that dulling effect on the flavor of e-juices. Vaping and juices are much easier to control the amount of nicotine the users are receiving.

Cigarettes don’t give you an exact nicotine measurement. Smokers can find a variety of nicotine salts and e-juices in a full range of strengths that can match where they are and then go to where they want to be.

Physically, simply having a vape pen or device can help smokers quit. Part of the addiction is simply having something in your hands or mouth. Vaping devices can cover those physical needs as well as a cigarette.

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