Fluoride lowers IQ in children, but it is still added to public water

More than 97 percent of Western Europe has rejected it. Landmark reviews show it’s toxic to your teeth, brain, kidneys and endocrine system, and dozens of studies proved it lowers IQ scores of infants and children, and is associated with attention deficit disorders and other behavioral problems. Yet, fluoride is still being added to municipal water systems across the U.S. Why?

There really is no good answer to that, although government officials claim water fluoridation is necessary for preventing cavities and promoting “healthy” teeth. Sure, the American Dental Association (ADA) admits it’s caused permanent, disfiguring, dental fluorosis in about 40 percent of American teens, but still, the ADA insists that fluoridation of public water is what’s needed to prevent tooth decay in America.

Is it OK to ask, if this is so, why do so many U.S. adults and children have cavities after decades of fluoridation?

Since no health officials, including the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) seem willing or able to answer that question, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) is answering it for them, with a petition to end water fluoridation for good. To that end, FAN is engaging health professionals to sign on to a statement demanding that fluoridation stop, now.

Nearly 5,000 professionals, from doctors to nurses to dentists and more around the world have already signed it, but we need many more to be successful in the movement to get fluoride out of your drinking water. May I remind you that this is a toxin that’s delivered to you without measurement because it’s dependent on how much water you drink?

Think! Your pediatrician is probably urging you to give your children water as opposed to sugary sweets, yet, if you’re on a public fluoridated system, that very water you’re giving your children may be destroying their cognitive processes! Add that to the fluoride they’re probably getting from their toothpaste alone, and you have a recipe for IQ decline.

Think that statement is too inflammatory to be true? Think again! Fifty-three studies have shown a relationship between fluoride and human intelligence. Forty-five animal studies have shown that fluoride exposure impairs learning and/or memory in animals.

And, after reviewing 27 of the human IQ studies, a team of Harvard scientists concluded that fluoride’s effect on children’s brains should be a high research priority.

Other reviewers have reached similar conclusions, including the prestigious National Research Council and scientists in the Neurotoxicology Division of the Environmental Protection Agency. I could go on — because there is so much more to tell — but instead I want to urge you to help us get more professionals to sign on to a new statement calling for the end of fluoridation worldwide.

This “New Professionals’ Statement” has been triggered by the publication of very important and disturbing U.S. Government-funded studies. These studies have added very strong additional evidence to the large number of existing studies that show that fluoride is neurotoxic.

They underline that the critical period of exposure to fluoride is in the womb and that at levels of fluoride exposure currently experienced by pregnant women in fluoridated communities there is a strong correlation with the lowering of IQ and ADHD symptoms in their offspring.

Sadly, and possibly because the imposed dental practice of water fluoridation is so entrenched in the psyche of the medical, dental and public health establishments in fluoridated countries, neither governments nor the mainstream media are warning the public about this large — and growing — body of scientific research.

Thus, we are appealing to professionals to sign this statement, and to YOU to help get the word out, and to help influence professionals you know to sign this statement. We hope by circulating this it will help us get this information out to more professionals, the public (especially pregnant women), the media and decision-makers in fluoridated countries, and eventually halt this unnecessary and reckless practice being imposed on our children.

If you are a professional and wish to add your name you can do it online HERE.

If you are not a professional this effort gives you an excellent opportunity to approach your doctor, dentist and other professionals in medical and environmental fields with this shocking new information that fluoridation maybe damaging the brains of future generations.

Source: Dr. Mercola

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