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Four Easy New Wellness Methods You Should Try



Four easy new wellness methods you should try

You may feel like you are a pretty happy and healthy person.  Blood pressure is not too bad.  You can probably still touch your toes without breaking a sweat.  And junk food is only allowed – once a week?  You may not be too sure what a ‘microbiome’ is, but still feel like, generally, you eat the right foods, most of the time.

Wellness crystals, diet cleanses, anti-oxidant purges and hot yoga may not be an integral part of your weekly routine, and your life seems to be going along okay.  But what if you actually are missing out on realizing your body’s full potential.  How would you know if you didn’t do some sort of comparison?

You already know how you feel without some of the newest wellness treatments available.  Here are some of the latest, breakthrough wellness therapies you can try.  More and more folks are using these revolutionary new health methods to look sharp, feel better and live longer – and maybe you should, too?

Halotherapy Total Salt Immersion

If you suffer from asthma, chronic sinus infections, a cold or the flu, Halotherapy is the new wellness regimen for you.  You absorb this healing while prone, as still as possible, enveloped by a concentrated, sodium chloride, aerosol environment in a Himalayan salt room.  This room is normally lined with a pink stone veneer, consisting of granite from Tibet, and the floor will have a thick layer of extremely fine salt crystals, probably up to your ankles, which tingle your toes as you shuffle over to the Manduka mat and lie down.

You’ll be glowing like a guru after your half-hour in this super-ionized state.

Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna

Have you been plagued by forceful, frantic mood swings lately?  Before you march down to the local psychiatrist for some therapy and Zoloft perhaps you should give full spectrum, infrared sauna a try.  Those mood swings could simply be a manifestation of poor circulation and the toxicity associated with blood flow restraints.

Like other sauna wellness therapy, the session takes place in a small, personal cedar-lined cube, where you lie down as still as possible and relax.  But instead of electric coils, infrared light is employed as the heat source.  The temperature is ever so gently raised in tiny increments up to 158° Fahrenheit.

But the heat doesn’t feel nearly this intense because of infrared’s unique characteristic of warming you internally.  So the nerve sensors in your skin do not respond as quickly and you can last much longer in this high temperature, wellness-inducing environment.

You will eventually start sweating like a politician in a roomful of donors.  It’s normal for a patient to burn over 600 calories in a single session and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Infrasonic Sound Healing

Many of us suffer bouts of fight-or-flight urges in the supercharged, stressful urban environment we are forced to live in these days.  These repeated, mini adrenaline rushes can result in adrenal fatigue, a condition characterized by symptoms like exhaustion, weakened immunity, sleep disturbances, and frantic food cravings.  These abnormalities are due to lower levels of several hormones and neurotransmitters necessary to maintain our body’s chemical balance.

Infrasonic sound healing is a wellness therapy that encourages the reconstruction of crucial human cells, without prescription drugs, and the contraindicated effects that so often accompany them.

The patient lies down on a low bed in a dark room, and the highest fidelity headphones are placed over the ears.  You don’t necessarily hear, but rather feel, a very deep drone that slowly increases in intensity.  The mattress subtly begins vibrating, in sync with the headphone volume.

You soon enter a harmonious condition in which the body is coaxed into resetting its biorhythms, almost like an organic computer re-boot, and persons usually fall asleep as the infrasonic healing program senses and delivers different vibrations to tune your consciousness into an altered, parasympathetic state.

At the end of the session you are gently awaked by an attendant and emerge from the experience with a blissful disposition, after the most restful nap you could possibly imagine.

Organizing/Decluttering a Room

Finally, one of the best wellness methods for a happier and healthier life is just cleaning up and reorganizing the environment around you.  Contacting one of the new full service storage companies, like, can get you the help you need to make your work and living space more peaceful, tranquil and productive.

Increasing those few moments of utter calm and tranquility in the midst of the hectic world we all have to endure should make you happier and less stressed, which will help improve your overall health.

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