A Look at the Risks Involved in Breast Implants Surgery

A Look at the Risks Involved in Breast Implants Surgery

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A Look at the Risks Involved in Breast Implants SurgeryReceiving breast augmentation treatment certainly allows you to have firm breasts in size and shape that you prefer. This is made possible by the implants that a surgeon inserts in your breasts. While this seems perfect, you need to remain alive to the fact that there are various risks associated with the implants. Risks of complications remain real even if a surgeon performing the treatment is an expert in breast cosmetic surgery. It is therefore important to have a look at some of these risks.

Breast augmentation is in most cases performed when you are under general anesthesia. Mistakes do occur and a professional anesthetist can also make a mistake and administer excess anesthesia, which literally put you at risk of serious health complications. It can be worse if the same is administered by an unprofessional anesthetist because you can easily die.

Infections can never be ruled out when it comes to part of the body being pierced. Although surgical tools normally used during breast augmentation surgery are always sterilized, the likelihood of infections occurring usually remains real. If not caused by surgical tools, you can acquire an infection easily from pathogens in the air.

Receiving breast augmentation treatment requires adequate preparation for successful treatment procedure. Your surgeon is obligated to inform you of all you are required to do a day prior to the treatment day. Such include avoiding the use of particular medications, food and water. Failure to adhere to these requirements puts you at risk of serious health complications.

You cannot ignore the risk of excessive bleeding during and soon after the operation. Although a surgeon may take all precautions to minimize bleeding as much as possible, the possibility of excessive bleeding cannot be ruled out. This may be caused by various factors including failure to adhere to preparation instructions.breast implements

You body’s immune system will naturally react (attack) any foreign matter that it detects. You cannot rule this out even though a surgeon will evaluate if you are suitable to receive implants. Receiving implants therefore presents the risk of capsular contracture in which case implants can have distorted shape or become extremely hard within your breasts. In such a case, re-operation remains the only remedy for removal of the same. Re-operation is another risk in itself.

The risk of implant rupture and deflation is usually real. Implantation of faulty implants and over-filled implants are known to rupture once inserted increasing the risk of infections and other health complications.

Apart from the above risks, there are complications associated with breast implants that you need to know. Some of these include breast tissue atrophy, deformity in your chest wall, Hematoma, development of toxic shock syndrome, lymphedema, Necrosis, Ptosis and Seroma amongst other complications.

It must be pointed out the only remedy to above complications is breast implants removal, which is another operation altogether. As a matter of fact, about 20% of women who receive breast implants do have the same removed under a period of 8 years for various reasons including development of complications.

This is a guest post by Monica Lewis who has written widely on form stable breast implant. She is a renowned advocate of constructive breast surgery.