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8 Tips for Maximum Athletic Performance



8 tips for maximum athletic performance

If you’re a keen athlete and you’re hoping to improve your performance, you may have been concentrating solely on developing your skills at the gym, but there are many other factors to consider when it comes to boosting your performance.

If you are concerned about whether you can are able to reach your end goal in the very near future or not, what are the other factors you should be considering to build your stamina and boost your performance? It is not just about the number of hours you put into your training plans, but rather a combination of a series of steps. Luckily, below are eight areas of improvement you may aim to use when it comes to maximizing your athletic performance.

1. Having the right mindset

While it’s evident that you need to focus on the physical, your mindset also has a clear correlation to achieving your target. Your state of mind is as important, if not more so than your physical wellbeing when it comes to keeping up your training and exercise regimes.  Your concentration needs to be in the right place before any physical activity is endured. You may wish to try out a few physiological techniques to boost focus and have a clear idea as to how you intend to beat your competition.

2. Drinking and eating better

Your diet is also another major factor which will help improve your athletic performance. What you choose to put into your body can affect your energy levels and recovery time, meaning you will be less likely to suffer from fatigue. Due to intense physical activity, eating a low carb diet would perhaps not be recommended.

The best diet would be one that consists of simple and complex sugars, but the amount you need will all depend on the level of activity in training and practice. Your meals should be rich in carbohydrates and of course, be slow-burning in order to stay active for longer. Options may include the likes of potatoes, pasta, and rice, all of which are carbohydrate-rich and easy to incorporate into almost any meal.

Calcium is also an essential element within your diet. While it is usually consumed for healthy bones, it is also crucial for building the muscles. If there is a distinct lack of calcium within your diet, you may notice your performance falling rapidly. Good quantities of calcium are included in the likes of Greek yogurt, skimmed milk, and cottage cheese.

3. Breathing exercises

Researchers have found that athletes who do regular breathing exercises have greater stamina and endurance. They can run for more extended periods of time for extensive distances, meaning they achieve more impressive results as time goes on. According to this research, athletes who participate in breathing exercises can show a 12% improvement in their performance. It is often one of the most overlooked aspects of a training workout.

4. Taking supplements

Millions of people take supplements for weight loss and boosting fitness levels and are often most used amongst gym-goers. However, the type of supplement you choose will need to be researched carefully, as some are harmful and may even be illegal. Athletes who take supplements can see a range of factors improve when it comes to their physical wellbeing, including muscle growth when combined with strenuous exercise.

RUI-Products offer a liquid Clenbuterol supplement that has been proven to speed up weight loss and enhance performance. Used by fitness professionals, Clenbuterol is a potent bronchodilator and thermogenic stimulant which has been shown to improve physique, while the beta-2 stimulator acts as a fat burner and preserves muscle mass. If you are interested in taking a supplement to speed up your desired physical physique, shop now by browsing the website.

5. Injury prevention

In order to reach your peak performance, you need to put procedures in place to stay injury-free to avoid having to take time out of your regime. While this cannot always be prevented, it will reduce your probabilities, for example, by training correctly and using proper equipment that has been advised and tested. You also need to monitor the environment you choose to train in. Be aware of hazardous weather conditions; whether that be extreme cold or heat and instead and work out at a comfortable temperature that you can withstand.

6. Taking care of your feet

Many sports require you to be on your feet throughout the duration of the training and performance period, therefore ensuring you take care of your feet is essential for good performance. Your feet are the groundwork for all your movements; especially in terms of posture or position, which will then go on to determine success and failure.

To keep your feet in a good state, you need to keep them clean, moisturized and soaked to avoid infection or soreness. If you notice anything peculiar or are suffering from pain of any kind, it would be advised to seek the advice of your GP. You should also aim to wear comfortable socks and shoes that are designed for high physical training, and while they can often be more expensive than more standard options, these types of investments are necessary for athletic training.

7. Getting enough sleep

As you are likely to be undergoing intensive training daily, you need to ensure you are getting enough rest to keep your stamina up. Lack of sleep can have detrimental impacts on muscle recovery rates, as well as affecting your mental state when it comes to memory retention, concentration, and attentiveness.

Many people do struggle to sleep the recommended eight hours, but that is no excuse for not getting adequate rest. If you didn’t manage to sleep well the night before, ensure you take around a 30-minute nap during the day to give your body the rest it needs. Having a good night’s sleep can improve your endurance and overall performance.

8. Taking rest days

While you may find it a struggle to cut out athletic training on rest days completely, it would be advised you do nothing too strenuous, not even recovery cardio sessions or a relaxed walk. Your body needs that break so that you can go back into the training room feeling re-energized and ready to start again at full pace.

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