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Tips for Dealing With Anxiety at Work



Tips for dealing with anxiety at work

While you may feel perfectly at ease off the clock, you could feel like a bundle of nerves when you’re at your work desk. The Thrive Experience is designed to help you reach your peak mentally and physically, but you may find that you need just a bit extra to maintain your sanity in the workplace. Here are a few great tips for keeping anxiety at bay when it’s time to clock in:

Know That It All Begins at Home

Examine how you live outside of work. Even though you may have several deadlines and a heavy workload, the way you eat, sleep, and take care of your physical fitness could be trickling over into your professional life and harming your work performance as a result. Try eating healthier, tending to self-care and looking into programs like Le-Vel Thrive to see if that helps to give you the boost you need at the office.

Acknowledge Your Anxiety

It’s understandable that you want to push your anxiety aside so that you can fully focus on your work, but that can do more harm than good. The first step to dealing with anxiety is acknowledging and accepting that it exists. By suppressing or ignoring it, you’re likely to make the problem worse and unknowingly feed it. Admitting something’s off is the first step to experiencing a mental and emotional lift to feel at peace.

Try Some Natural Remedies

Before committing to professional help, you may want to give some natural remedies a try to help curb your anxiety. Because many of us are opposed to pharmaceutical treatments, products you can get online or at the local healthy foods grocer may help reduce your anxiety.

One of the most promising of which is cannabidiol, or CBD. CBD oil for anxiety has been shown to significantly reduce the symptoms of anxiety such as increased heart rate, flushing of the skin, and cognitive impairment. GABA is another promising supplement that has shown positive results in reducing anxiety.

It is available in pill form, but is also found in black and green tea, as well as fermented foods like yogurt and kombucha. Finally, magnesium is another option worth considering.

It plays an important role in our bodies in modulating our stress response and many studies show that most of us don’t come close to getting enough of this compound in our bodies. If these natural remedies are not enough to curb your anxiety, consider this next tip.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask for Help

Is it a certain project, person or process that seems to be kicking up your anxiety? If so, reach out to your coworkers and managers for help. The keys to your peace of mind could be closer than you think, all you have to do is let people know that you feel locked inside. Employers understand that positions and tasks can be frustrating, which is why companies sometimes set up coping strategies and programs to help maximize employee performance.

Give Your Anxieties a Number

Going back to voicing your anxiety rather than tamping it down, write down everything that’s making you anxious at work, no matter how trivial it may be. Then, give each anxiety a number from one to three according to its “weight” and how soon it needs to be handled. For instance, if it’s a certain aspect of a project that’s got you riled up, but that project isn’t due for a few weeks, then you can give it a three. On the other hand, if you’re nervous about a presentation later today, you’ll want to give it a one. Ordering your anxieties and making them “wait in line” until you get to them can give you a sense of control.

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Doubt Your Doubts

There’s a lot going on in our heads. When doubt and anxiety creep in, grab hold of them for a moment and go into analyze mode. Ask yourself if those doubts and anxieties are rooted in reality, and if they are, why? Where’s the proof? Stripping our anxieties down and putting them under a microscope can cause them to shrink or dissipate like smoke when we realize they have no real foothold in reality in the first place. Learn to understand how your mind translates the information you take in and how you process that information. Relieving yourself of anxiety may be as simple as changing your POV.

Get a Change of Scenery

Getting out of the office and taking a lunch break outside in the fresh air can allow you to calm down and still your mind long enough to calm down and work out a plan to deal with whatever bothers you. The change of scenery can trigger a change of mind.

Anxiety can seriously cripple your maximum professional potential. Bring out your best with these tips, and do what you can to get ahead of your anxieties.

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