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The different Ways of consuming Marijuana



The different ways of consuming marijuana

The discussion on marijuana use is not going away anytime soon. Not until all the possibilities have been exhausted, effects of blanket legalization across board analyzed and, probably the use of marijuana allowed in as many places as possible.

While the debate rages on, there is no doubt that ways of consuming marijuana are as diverse as its users. Similarly, reasons for use, user habits and user experiences all differ significantly case you have been consuming your marijuana in just a particular way for the longest time in your life, here are some other common ways of consuming your dose.


We just had to start with this one since it is the most common and the most used method. Dry marijuana or cannabis leaves resembles tobacco in a lot of ways. For this reason, it is easy to crush and roll it up on a paper or bong and puff it away conveniently. Many stoners have the habit of holding smoke in the lungs before realizing it ostensibly to get a better effect. You are wrong! This doesn’t contribute to make the effects stronger .Since smoke is harmful to your lungs, you must exercise caution.

Treating yourself to cannabis edibles

Mankind never shies away from inventing. Producing edibles with marijuana concentration is a common practice. The wide range of options includes candies, cookies, popcorn, sodas among others. This method offers a slower delivery technique to the bloodstream and if done with the right combination and concentration, it works out pretty well.

Marijuana vaping

Creating inhalable vapor is now a common practice among cannabis users. It is said that marijuana compounds vaporize at lower, less harmful temperatures and the vapor doesn’t hit the lungs as hard as smoke from a piped piece. The smell too is allegedly easier than that from smoke.

Spray making using cannabis

This is also a rather new form of using marijuana and is common among medical users of marijuana. Here, marijuana compounds are infused with liquids to make sprays which consumers spray under the tongue.

They are also common in areas where marijuana is illegal since they aren’t easily detectable.


Dabbing closely resembles vaping. In dabbing cannabis compounds are placed on a pre-heated water pipe and the resultant vapor inhaled using vaporizers or dab pens. This method produces an intense high. It is preferred because there is less inhaling of smoke, but it works better with more experienced ganja users due to its potent results.


These are liquids extracted from cannabis plants infused either in alcohol solution or alcohol and water. A few drops of the solution are then placed under the tongue. Absorption into the bloodstream is faster. It also produces a potent high thus finding its application mainly in medical grounds and among experienced users.

Eating raw marijuana

Although this method is quite common, it is discouraged because heating marijuana under the right temperatures helps to activate/release the cannabinoids which have health benefits anyway. Again, it also makes it slower to absorb. If the aim is to get high, it is also slower than other methods.

Oil extracted from the cannabis plants can also be utilized in various forms for consumption purposes. Cooking, baking and making mixtures of various forms are some of the popular ways of making products that can be consumed orally. You can get a variety of this using promotional code

Topical solutions

With the rising use of CBD oils, ointments derived from marijuana are becoming commonplace. These solutions are prepared in such a way that all the patient needs to do is apply them to the affected areas. They have been used for the treatment of arthritis, sore muscles as well as strained ligaments.


Perhaps deriving from medicine infused suppositories, cannabis-infused suppositories are now being used to help patients with conditions that cause vomiting and nausea such as Multiple Sclerosis. Apparently, this method leaves the body to do what it needs to obtain relief from the substance. It is also said to be minus the psychoactive effects and other side effects.


A number of reasons determine the manner in which cannabis is consumed by particular users. For medical purpose, there are oral options that produce the desired effects and help in consuming just the right dosage. For recreational purposes, there are varieties of options depending on the desired outcome. It is observable that users are becoming more creative and new methods are being devised fast.

The increase in methods of consumption coupled with the legalization of both medicinal and recreational marijuana in various parts of the globe has also created a booming industry in selling instruments aiding marijuana consumption. Hookahs, form part of the popular objects used for marijuana smoking especially when shared among a group of users. Hookahs were quite popular with tobacco sharing and the same idea has been transferred to cannabis consumption. Notably, they come in different models, shapes, materials and of course range in prices.

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