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Medical Marijuana’s Many Uses



Medical marijuana’s many uses

Marijuana isn’t just for people going to Phish concerts anymore. If you’re wondering how medicinal marijuana has been legalized in several states in recent years, with an additional push to make it nationwide, wonder no longer. Medicinal marijuana has been helping patients with ailments for hundreds of years. It is a plant, after all.

We’ve now seen CBD oil make it onto the market in various ways; CBD is being used in coffees, alcoholic beverages, bath bombs, and even by renowned chefs. So, don’t knock it ‘till you try it. Below are some of the best ways medicinal marijuana can help ailments perhaps when nothing else can.

Marijuana for Chronic Pain

The best and most widely known medicinal marijuana healing is used for those struggling with chronic pain. For some patients, it is the best treatment they have received. The vast majority of medicinal marijuana users suffer from some form of chronic pain.

Medicinal marijuana is also used to treat glaucoma, a disease in the eyes that puts pressure on the optic nerve and thus can cause the loss of vision. Treating glaucoma is another well-known advantage of marijuana, as its effects decrease pressure in the eye.

Medicinal Marijuana and Epileptics

CBD is helpful for patients with some forms of untreatable epilepsy. Though there isn’t much concrete research, patients have identified that marijuana has helped them prevent seizures when nothing else could.

Medicinal Marijuana and Cancer

We’ve seen in Hollywood movies and perhaps with friends and relatives, that medical marijuana is often prescribed to cancer patients to combat the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation. However, there have also been studies done on medical marijuana’s positive effects on the spreading of cancer and the shrinking of tumors.

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Medicinal Marijuana and MS

Another chronic illness, Multiple Sclerosis, has positive effects in treatment with medical marijuana. Those suffering from MS related pain reported feeling less pain after smoking marijuana.

Medicinal Marijuana and Parkinson’s

Medicinal marijuana is also used to treat people suffering with tremors and pain, side effects of Parkinson’s disease. It even helped to improve patient’s motor skills in some cases.

Medicinal Marijuana and PTSD

Veterans and trauma victims are being prescribed marijuana to help soothe them. Cannabinoids help to regulate feelings of fear or anxiety. Researchers are still studying the effects of medicinal marijuana on those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Sleep Soundly After a Toke or Two

Medicinal marijuana has been known to help patients with insomnia or nightmares as it disrupts REM sleep. It’s noted to be better than other sleep aids on the market that are too strong for regular use.

Stop the Suffering

Marijuana: a plant, a sleep aid, a treatment, and a friend. If you are suffering from any of the above ailments, or others that researchers have found to help certain patients, go to your doctor to discuss a prescription. A website like Headshop Headquarters will provide you with all you need to start the chillest treatment in history.

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