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What it is Like to Quit Smoking – and How Vaping Can Help You



What it is like to quit smoking – and how vaping can help you

People quit smoking for a number of reasons. It might be because it’s an expensive and dirty habit. You may want to quit smoking for health reasons or because it’s not as socially acceptable as it once was just a few years ago.

Today is a better time than ever to quit the addictive and toxic habit of giving up smoking. There are many self-help books that can assist you on your quest of stopping smoking or you could join a small support group to assist you with the recovery of addiction to nicotine. From gums to patches and from hypnotism to pure cold-blooded willpower giving up smoking is no easy task. Millions of people have tried, but what matters most is that if you fail you try again and again.

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It’s Easy to Quit Smoking. I’ve Done It a Thousand Times – Mark Twain

There is, however, an alternative, natural, non-toxic and non-addictive way of giving up smoking and that is vaporizing. Vaporizing is a fairly new way of enjoying tobacco, nicotine, dry herbs and concentrates. It is a healthy way to consume these consumables as there is no combustion and therefore no cancerous compounds being inhaled. Instead, you inhaling a vapour infused with your favourite flavoured e-liquid.

The habit of smoking is not only physically addictive through the nicotine, but also mentally addictive through the action of “de-stressing” while having a break smoking a cigarette. Vaping e-liquid resolves both these issues as you are still actioning a movement of smoking, but instead vaping using a variety of portable vaporizers or e-cigs. You are also absorbing a defined amount of nicotine in the vape juice.

Vape juice is also blended with CBD oils that can alleviate the withdrawals you experience through giving up smoking. Vaping CBD oil will give you energy, de-stress you during abstinence time and relax you at night before you go to bed. Nicotine can be infused in you in differing concentrations and help you alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, such as restlessness, headaches, sleeplessness and irritability.

Vaping is a healthy way for you to deliver vapour to your bloodstream. Vapes are easy to use, have a long battery life and stealthy to use on the go. They also don’t make you smell like a dirty ashtray or leave brown stains on curtains or ceilings at home. This is essentially cause you are vaping and inhaling water droplets. The droplets are cool, crisp and clear making for a perfect vape session every time.

Vaping can help you quit smoking for good. Just like its helped thousands of people to kick the dirty habit, you could be next if you take up the practice of vaping. Not many things are needed, except for a basic vaporizer, e-juice and some time. Vaporizers come in many varieties such as e-cigs, pen vapes, portable vaporizers or desktop vapes. If you visit this site, notice that there are also hundreds of your favourite flavours from fruity and nice to coffee and chocolate.

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