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Battle Royale: Pax 2 v Crafty Vaporizer



Battle royale: pax 2 v crafty vaporizer

There are lots of top quality portable vaporizers on the market but the Pax 2 and the Crafty Vaporizer are two of the best.

Very different types of vaporizer in many ways, both are compact enough to be carried around and deliver an outstanding performance.

But which one is the best? Here’s a battle of two of the finest vaporizers as they go head to head.

Size and convenience

If you’re looking for a vaporizer that’s portable, a small size is essential. The Pax 2 wins out in this section, offering greater convenience and more compact dimensions.

The Pax 2 vaporizer measures up at 3.87” x 1.21” x .085” compared to the Crafty Vaporizer at 4.3” x 2.2” x 1.3”. The difference between the two isn’t huge but if you’re trying to slide it discreetly into your pocket without creating a big bulge, the extra bulk could be significant.

Aside from the physical size, the weight is another consideration. Pax 2 is lighter at 92 grams compared to 136 grams for the Crafty.

However, although the Crafty vaporizer is heavier, it’s still extremely lightweight for a dry herb vaporizer. By comparison, the Firefly – another portable vaporizer – weighs in at 192 grams, while the Mighty is a hefty 230 grams.

Both the Pax 2 and the Crafty Vaporizer perform well in this category but for sheer convenience the Pax 2 has the edge.

Maintenance and cleaning

Probably the least favourite part of vaping, maintenance and cleaning are essential if you want to continue to have a pure flavour and taste.

If you had the original Pax and weren’t keen on the ease of cleaning, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Pax 2 has stepped up its game. However, the Crafty Vaporizer is the better of the two, being easier to clean and look after.

Cleaning the Pax 2 takes around five minutes but it has a tendency to get quite dirty because it needs a fine grind and a tight packing of the herbs for best results. Therefore, it ideally needs cleaning after around 10 sessions.

By contrast the Crafty can be used for 20 sessions or more before it gets dirty and needs a clean. It also only takes around five minutes so cleaning and maintenance is half on the Crafty compared to the Pax 2.


Getting down to the nitty gritty: this is the part that really matters and it’s the area where both vaporizers score highly.

However, there is a fundamental difference between the two and that’s in the method of heating.

The Pax 2 is conduction only while the Crafty is a hybrid, mixing up convection and conduction. Hybrids produce better results generally and get better use of the dry herbs. The Crafty is no exception and while the Pax 2 performs well, the hybrid design gets the thumbs up.

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However, the Pax 2 will hold a decent amount of herb so if you like to pack yours tightly and have plenty to vape, this is a major advantage. By contrast, the Crafty Vaporizer is better when there’s air that can circulate so benefits from a looser pack and therefore contains less herbs per load.

There are only two temperature settings on the Crafty but there’s a smart phone app which allows you to adjust it further, as well as keep track of a range of other features including battery life.

The Pax 2 has four temperature settings, an improvement from the original Pax which just had three. Although at first glance this looks superior to the Crafty, this isn’t the case.  The control and draw quality on the Crafty Vaporizer wins over the Pax 2 every time.


No-one wants to be constantly changing the batteries so the good news is that both perform well in this area.

The Pax 2 has been given an upgrade and compared to the Crafty has a much longer continuous usage, winning hands down in this area. However, the Crafty can vape more herbs quickly so although it won’t last as long, it will get through around the same amount of produce.

The recharge time for both is more or less the same and both units are compatible with USB charging too.

Which one wins?

With the Pax 2 winning out in some categories and the Crafty Vaporizer scoring in others, it’s hard to point to an outright winner. If battery life and portability are priorities for you, then the Pax 2 is probably the better choice. However, if performance is the factor that’s likely to influence you the most then the Crafty Vaporizer just about edges it, providing better draw resistance and control.

Whether you choose the Pax 2 or the Crafty Vaporizer you’ll be getting a top quality model which performs at the top of the market right across all the important areas.

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