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Is CBD Oil Safe For Children?



Is cbd oil safe for children?

CBD (cannabidiol) oil has gained a lot of attention these days due to its various medical benefits. This oil is extracted from the plants which are trendy to use and wellness for a cure. The new research has shown that this oil is very helpful in medical conditions like epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and much more. Those children who are prone to this disease for them this oil is very beneficial. But the question here arises is it safe for children? As a parent, we are concerned for the safety of the kids first.  PureGreenLiving will help you discover, research, and select the leading CBD pills and capsules, that meet your needs, desires, and budget.

This oil was first discovered in the late 1960’s. This discovery was not that popular at that time. The research has led to the ton of molecule and other cannabinoids present into it. But today the ratio of proportion has decreased and it can easily use by children now.

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One of the hardest things which parents see is his/her children in pain. Medication has gone very rapidly in case of anxiety, aches, back pain, stroke, autism, insomnia and many more but it all comes with side effects. CBD oil doesn’t contain any chemicals so it is very much safe for the children. A mother’s breast milk also contains cannabinoids. CBD turns the growth mentally and physically.

Following are the things as Parents you should know before giving it to children

  1. THC and CBD are Different: –There are two main compounds present in plant one is THC and other is CBD. While THC is psychoactive and CBD is not after using THC one may feel lethargic and while in CBD is not the case.
  2. CBD oil can change lives: – By using daily in one’s lifestyle it will definitely bring change in one’s life.  It is more than a dietary supplement. This oil is given at breakfast and during dinner time and it will definitely bring change to the affected children. It is that powerful oil that many Dr’s have started recommending for the special children.
  3. Very Costly: – CBD oil is very costly. Parents need to hit monthly budget for this. The price will change depending on from where you are buying and what you will get it.
  4. Mix it with food: – The best thing is to give oil by adding in food. If the child is taking without adding anything then put below the tongue and you can serve them.
  5. Moving across the states: – One can imagine the situation of the parent whose child is suffering from the ailment. Well being a parent, needs to be tensed and for children’s well being they move from one Dr to another Dr. But recently we have come across for CBD Oil also people are moving across the states. They don’t mind shifting to other places also.
  6. Avoid Online: – One should not buy online as there are very limited sources who provide the pure and edible oil. For promotions and marketing purpose there are many websites who are selling oil in the name of CBD before buying one should check the authenticity and expiry date before purchasing. After all, a child’s health comes first.
  7. Useful for many diseases: – This oil is used for many diseases like depression, autism, anxiety, ADHD among the children. One cannot live without the DR’s prescription. If it is purchased with any dispensary with proper dosage and prescription then it is advisable. Fake treatment may result in child health.
  8. Parents trying to figure out their own: – Sometimes parents become child’s doctor and they try to figure out illness on their own. They don’t take the seriousness of the health. Till the time they reach to the Dr the half of the time has gone and at the end, they blame the Dr.
  9. Natural Source: – CBD oil is considered as a natural source extracted from the plants which has no side effects at all. So it is very much safe for the children. Special children dealing with this ailment disease use multiple medications at a time, resulting in side effects and again one more medicine to heal that disease. This round and round procedure will continue.
  10. 10.   Infants teething: CBD oil is used for infants teething also. We all know when baby is getting teeth how much fussy and cranky he becomes. if this oil is applied in gums it not only soothes them but also give some relaxation .Now a day’s Dr’s also prescribe CBD oil for infant’s teething. For tooth ache in growing kids this oil is very beneficial.

Children with different symptoms can genuinely get added benefit from CBD oil. The one who starts at the young age will benefit it more. I would urge each parent don’t play child’s health by giving allopathic medicines as it has a side effect which will result in old age. Start using CBD oil and see the effect.

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