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10 Simple Ways To Remove Tar From Your Lungs And Keep Them Healthy



10 simple ways to remove tar from your lungs and keep them healthy

Before talking about how to remove tar, you should know what tar really is. It is actually the collective name for partially combusted particulate matter that results for burning of tobacco and other plant material during smoking. It accumulates in smokers’ lungs and damages them because it is toxic. This is why e-cigs are better options. A lot of tobacco smokers have had to switch to e-cigs to avoid the buildup of tar in their lungs and nicotine addiction. To check the available e-cigs and other vaping products, click here – .

However, even after switching from the traditional cigarettes to e-cigs, you still have to get rid of the tar that has already accumulated in your lungs. Here are simple ways to get rid of tar from your lungs.

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1. Try Nettle Tea

Nettle is a plant that is full of iron and it also helps to cleanse the lungs. This is why nettle tea prevents respiratory problems.

2. Consider a lot of vitamins A and C

You need to take a lot of vitamins because smoking reduces your levels of vitamins. However, you should focus more on vitamins A and C as they both clean the lungs and ensure they are always healthy. These two vitamins also reduce the chances of developing lung cancer.

3. Take Popeye and Spinach

Spinach and Popeye are both full of folic acid and folic acid offers a lot of vitamin A. Spinach is also rich in iron that takes oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body.

4. Smokers need a lot of water

Smoking dehydrates the body so if you are a smoker, you should also drink a lot of water to ensure that every part of your body is well hydrated. Water also helps to flush out nicotine and tar from the lungs. So, you should never joke with water.

5. Eat onions too

Onion is known for its ability to clean out the lungs and the whole respiratory system thereby preventing lung infections and other respiratory diseases. In fact, patients of lung cancer are usually advised to eat a lot of onions to hinder the growth of new cancerous cells.

6. Orange should be your best fruit

Oranges are rich in cryptoxanthin and this substance prevents lung cancer. Another benefit of taking oranges is that it is rich in vitamin C which helps the lungs to transport oxygen throughout the body. When burnt and inhaled, orange peels lower the risk of respiratory distress and they also help to cleanse the lungs of tar and other toxic substances.

7. Broccoli can also help

Some researchers at Roswell Park Cancer Institute have found that broccoli helps to prevent lung cancer since smoker that consume broccoli are less likely to develop lung cancer. It is even better and more beneficial to eat it in its raw form.

8. Consider consumption of selenium

After conducting a study for 5 years at the University of Arizona, it was found out that consumption of selenium reduces the chances of developing lung cancer by 46 percent. Now, the question is, how can you get the mineral? Brazilian nuts are the highest source of selenium. Guess your next vacation will be in Brazil.

9. Try pine needle tea

Since pine needle tea is a good source of vitamins A and C, it is quite logical that it helps to promote the health of the lungs and fight off lung cancer. So, you can also try it too.

10. Wrap it up with ginger

Ginger is one of the most beneficial herbs and one of its health benefits is its ability to rid the lungs of all kinds of toxins.

While there may be other simple ways to keep your lungs free of tar, these ones work wonders and you should try some of them out.

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