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Can Medical Marijuana Treat Glaucoma?



Can medical marijuana treat glaucoma?

When a person’s side vision is reduced due to damage to the optic nerve over time, they’re said to have a condition known as glaucoma. Glaucoma is just one of the many diseases that medical cannabis is promoted to treat. Now that the legalization of cannabis has been approved in Canada, it’ll be easier than ever to treat your glaucoma through self-medication. You can even get medical marijuana online. Namaste MD operates in compliance with Canadian laws regarding access to medical marijuana. So how does it work?

Higher-than-normal pressure inside the eye (IOP, or intraocular pressure) is one of the causes of this optic nerve damage. Blindness can sometimes occur as a result of glaucoma, so the condition is pretty serious.

Lowering your IOP levels is currently the only way to manage glaucoma and avoid loss of vision. Depending on the type of glaucoma and how severe it is, your ophthalmologist will be able to use medications like prescription eye drops or surgery to treat the glaucoma.

As far back as the 1970s, people believed that medicinal marijuana could effectively treat glaucoma. People with glaucoma could lower their IOP by using marijuana, according to some studies. IOP was either lowered by the marijuana itself or THC, its active ingredient, and studies were carried out to find out which was the case. A division of the federal National Institutes of Health, the National Eye Institute supported this research.

IOP can be lowered, according to the research, by using medical marijuana or by taking a form of its active ingredient by injection or tablet. The lowered IOP only lasts for around three or four hours, however.

Medical Marijuana as a glaucoma treatment is really held back by this short period of time. To receive the benefit of a consistently lowered IOP, you’d need to use medical marijuana between six and eight times every day, as the condition requires 24-hour treatment.

Medical marijuana isn’t widely recommended as a sole treatment of glaucoma, though it can help to lower your IOP temporarily. Effective treatments like surgery and prescription medications should at the very least be combined with your medical cannabis use.

Research into whether medical marijuana’s active ingredients may offer a glaucoma treatment is still being carried out. It may take some years before these treatments become a reality, however.

For information on obtaining a medical marijuana license, Namaste MD has all the answers. There’s plenty of information online about how to get a medical marijuana card in Canada. To find a glaucoma treatment option that works for you, talk to your ophthalmologist.