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The Importance of Industrial Hygiene Services



Occupational health and safety companies are becoming more and more popular because of the need to maintain the quality of specific environments. This can include hospitals and medical facilities, but it also includes aerospace and engineering facilities and laboratories.

Why We Need Industrial Hygiene Services

This will ensure that everyone is focused on industrial hygiene as necessary.

C&IH provides industrial hygiene services throughout the country. With over 30 years of experience, they have six certified industrial hygienists on staff as well as two Ph.D. scientists who are board-certified in toxicology. This allows them the ability to customize a scope of work for every client on an individual basis.

Various Industrial Hygiene Services

There are a lot of facilities and industries that have to be very specific about their environment and the amount of dust or dirt that is acceptable. Too much of one thing in the air can be detrimental to the work being conducted within the lab. This is why industrial hygiene sampling is necessary. Professionals will go in and provide the necessary sampling of the air to see what the current statistics are.

Once the sampling is done, it will be possible to conduct a full industrial hygiene assessment. After knowing all of the toxins in the air, it will be necessary to focus on the dangers of exposure, determine the risks and create a plan of action to improve and maintain the environment based upon the unique needs of every client.

Every client who needs industrial hygiene has unique needs. Just as one cleanroom may operate at a different ISO than another cleanroom, one facility may require fewer toxins in the air than another facility.

Safety Hazards & Health

Health and safety hazards are in the workplace every day. It is each company’s responsibility to identify all of the risks and have some model in place to overcome the dangers should they occur.

An industrial hygiene risk assessment will take a look at the workings of a building and figure out what those risks are by watching the operation, asking questions, and running tests.

After the risks are identified, training can be offered. An industrial hygiene consultant can spend time working with the employees of a company to go over various strategies and controls to put in place. This can range from everything about hazardous waste to PPE to respiratory protection and bloodborne pathogens.

Every facility is different, and therefore they need to be treated as such. Industrial hygiene consultants will be able to determine what each client needs to provide the best possible solution. Whether it’s training, consulting, testing, or maintenance and management programs, every client needs to have their needs met.

Laboratories may require different industrial hygiene services than hospitals. However, in the end, all facilities have the same goal – to provide a safe working environment for their employees, their contractors, and their patients. Every single product that is used within the facility or created within the facility needs to be examined to determine what the risks are. If it’s a chemical, then employees need to know how to handle it and dispose of it. If it’s something else, then, that, too, must be dealt with.

Employees usually get the necessary training they need within college and vocational programs. Companies lose sight of the importance of on the job training, though. Employees need to be explained SOPs and emergency preparedness programs because it is unique within each facility.
Industrial hygiene services are out there. With just a little effort on the part of the hospital, lab, or other facility, people can operate in safer conditions throughout the workweek.