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The Rise of The Primal Lifestyle



The rise in the primal movement in the last ten years has come about as obesity levels, food allergies, food intolerances, and diabetes have shot up. The Western world and, in particular, the Western diet is not well. It has long been known that mankind’s switch to agriculture resulted in many of the diseases we are familiar with today. Heart disease, stroke, tooth decay, anemia, tuberculosis and arthritis to name but a few.

As humans settled down to farm one location, their diet became less varied. Previously hunter-gatherers enjoyed wild fruits, berries, and protein-rich meat. By farming starchy foods such as corn, rice, and wheat that have a high degree of sugar in the people had altered, literally overnight, a way of life they had enjoyed for thousands of years.

While agriculture set them free from the daily chore of finding food to survive, it shackled them to the back-breaking work of tilling the land. Human height decreased, and the close interaction with animals spawned diseases not seen before – Influenza and TB coming as a consequence of animals living in the same quarters as people.

Class division, inequality between the sexes and war can all be attributed to the rise in farming. Those that owned the land were in control. Those that had the most food and arable land had something worth fighting for. With more food, available family sizes could grow. This meant that hunter-gatherer women who may have had one or two children because that is all that could be supported from what they found on the land were now, as farming women, having more children, because people were needed to tend to the land and the animals. Larger families equated to wealth but also took a heavy toll on women’s health and emancipation.

Today, agri-society is the norm, yet the same old problems persist. Wars over resources continue, while equality for women in third world countries is still left wanting. All of it caused by the very thing that has given us the world we see today. Yet our bodies are even designed to be hunter-gatherers.

This inescapable fact is not lost on a growing movement of people that go under the banner of Primal or Paleo followers. It is more than just a diet; it is a lifestyle. It is the lifestyle that our genome spent millions of years evolving around.

The premise, in a nutshell, is this; walk more, sprint occasionally, lift heavy things, ditch the grains and sugar, eat fish, berries, and meat, drink water, sleep and play more. That’s it. These simple changes will result in a reversal of diabetes, obesity, an increase in lean body mass, an increase in energy levels, sex drive, and, most importantly, a life span. Try it for yourself today.